Thursday Ten: I Know It’s January But I Don’t Want Winter edition

1. It’s cold. It’s so cold. Duh Sarah, it’s January. But this winter has been erratic, weatherwise and otherwise. And now it’s acting like it wants to be winter. Temps for next week are looking straight up dismal and I’m already dreading it. I PICKED THE WRONG TIME TO LOWER MY THERMOSTAT.

2. Music I’m listening to this week – I’m late to the game but Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I know “Thrift Shop” is the single that’s getting play, but I was wandering around iTunes and the first track from The Heist that I listened to was “Same Love.” I love the song and I think the video is lovely as well. I had made a comment somewhere last week about an old novelty hip hop song from the 90s – how cheesy and nonsensical the lyrics were – and I think that’s what I love about this album, and the evolution of hip hop in general. There’s still a fair amount of garbage out there, but some of it? It’s getting smart. And I dig it.

3. I can’t decide how to describe Zero Dark Thirty. It seems bizarre to say I enjoyed it – given its subject matter. It was extremely well done, in my opinion. It was disturbing and tense and for someone like me who avoids a lot of the grimness of the news like the plague, it really shook me at times, particularly the scenes of torture. I recommend it.

4. Yeesh, y’all. Two movies in less than a month. {I love it. I’ve missed movies.}

5. Pumpkin has lost a third tooth in less than a month. For someone like me who doesn’t usually have cash on hand, I’ve had to really be on my game about making sure I’ve got an extra buck or so around (I’ve decided the going rate is $1.50 a tooth after the $2 First Tooth Premium she got for the first one she lost. I can’t explain my reasoning other than it just seemed like a bigger deal than just a buck, and two dollars for something she isn’t gonna use anymore anyway? Pffft)

6. Second gymnastics meet of the season this weekend. The Princess had such a good showing last time that I have mixed feelings about this one. I hope it goes well but I also hope that she rolls with the punches if it doesn’t go quite as well. It will be what it will be, and I’m sure it will be fine. Doesn’t matter how many meets we go to, I still cringe when she’s on the beam. Actually, I cringe when all kids are on the beam. I hate seeing ’em fall off.

7. Conspiracy theorists. Just…stop. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice to be a conspiracy theorist and explain away all that we didn’t like or agree with and pass it off as untruths? I’m rolling my eyes at you, internet. Not all of you. Just some of you. You know, the ones who probably stopped reading this post a few items ago when I posted the song about marriage equality.

8. Days are getting longer and it’s not dark when I get into my car at day end. But it’s still damn cold.

9. Will I ever read a whole book again? I, uh… don’t know. I mean, I’d like to. Maybe when I run out of stuff in my Netflix queue.

10. Today is my yearly skin cancer check up to make sure that none of my many moles (y’all could almost connect-the-dots on my arms) are cancerous. While I don’t spend as much time in the sun now as I did when I was younger, I believe in preventative care if you’re able to make that happen. Getting a mole check doesn’t involve speculums but usually it involves my dermatologist hovering over me with magnifying eyeglasses and it’s somewhat mortifying to be inspected so closely by anyone, but… you know… beats the alternative. {Have you seen your dermatologist lately? This is your “get checked for skin cancer” PSA}

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