Kitchen Through the Lens: Croissants


I feel I should start this post with the most crucial piece of information: Making your own croissants is the biggest pain in the ass.

Sure, you can try it once, y’know, do it just to do it…so you can say you did.

But if you were to do a cost-benefit-analysis of making your own croissants, the answer would most certainly, nearly 100% of the time tell you that it is a way better use of your time and patience to just go to the nearest bakery and buy one.

No lie.

Blobby dough

The process of making croissants is about eight hours long.

Yeah. You read that right.

Next add one heart attack's worth of butter.

And the butter!

Oh my gosh, the butter.

Once you make these yourself, you may not be able to shake from your head JUST HOW MUCH BUTTER YOU USED.

If it's SORT OF a triangle, does it count?

Or how you have to roll and fold and roll and fold and chill and roll and fold and roll and fold (that’s where the flakiness comes from).

Apparently the pros just run this stuff through what’s called a “sheeter” – flattens that whole mess right out – no rolling necessary.

Then again, I’m counting all that rolling as a strength workout.

You better love your rolling pin.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong.

But the thing is, when all is said and done and you take a croissant fresh from the oven and you take a bite of its buttery and flakey goodness? For a moment you will forget just how hard you worked and instead think to yourself, Maybe I could do this again.


If you’re smart, you’ll just eat your croissant and you won’t put the other ones back in the oven for just a wee bit more cooking and burn the bottoms. Yeah. I did that. Whoops.

i really should only make things when I have my lovely natural light to make them pretty

Really, will I make these again? Uh. They were amazing, but no. I just don’t want to work that hard for a croissant. I mean, start to finish EIGHT HOURS?

Delicious, but, no. Never again.

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