Thursday Ten: I Got My Voting Sticker edition

1. I voted on Tuesday and as promised you won’t hear another word about it – beyond THE PLACE I VOTED IS SO LUCKY THEY HADN’T RUN OUT OF STICKERS YET. I’d have been really bummed to have not gotten one. It’s kind of a big deal, y’know? Stickers are cool. So’s voting.067 | 365

2. New music I’ve purchased this week includes the new Ne-Yo album, the latest from The Mountain Goats, and at long last the soundtrack to The Social Network (the best part of the movie, IMO). I haven’t listened to all of it yet. The Ne-Yo is typical Ne-Yo (I mean that in a good way – obviously, if you like his stuff… you’ll probably like this. If you don’t, well, go download something else.).

3. With the kids sick the latter part of last week, I was really hoping this week would sound the all clear bell and everyone would be normal again. Nope. Pumpkin has a fever and last night, poor little monkey was miserable. I’m a little tired of fevers – I just want my kids to feel healthy and normal again.

4. When I have an upset stomach and feel sick, for some reason I crave ramen. Yeah, the cheap garbage you ate in college. When I’m sick? I want it. I think it’s because of the salt. Last night, all I could think about was ramen for dinner (shush), and… I had none.

5. This is considered day 8 of writing a post a day. I’m still counting this because THIS WAS A DUMB IDEA. It was a dumb idea because I still really don’t feel like pouring my heart out. Maybe my heart’s shoes have been filled with concrete and it’s now sitting at the bottom of a river. Hm. Then I could have an excuse for writing boring, plastic stuff. Yeah. There. That’s my excuse.

6. I had my first gingerbread latte of the season last week. Probably my only one. Not as good as I remember. I sure do love gingerbread though. Saw a sign for a gingerbread milkshake at Burger King and admittedly gagged a little. Gingerbread should just not be cold.

7. Schnipple – file under words my mom used to say that I had forgotten about until randomly. She said it was German for “tiny pieces of paper”. Some of those Urban Dictionary definitions are…not what mom meant!

8. I haven’t cooked a real meal all week. Not since the epic failure that was the taco dinner the other night.I have plans to cook this weekend – I’ve been craving ropa vieja. When the weather starts turning colder, I am drawn to the kind of meals that fill the house with a comforting aroma and warmth. You know, the kinds of things that damn near cook themselves if you throw them in a pot and let them work their mojo. THAT’S my kind of cooking. (I’m getting better, I promise!)

9. Seems like there are an awful lot of kids’ shows with talking dogs lately.

10. I still have a bio to write for my photography stuff. I still have a draft sitting that I need to tweak. And why haven’t I done it? BECAUSE I’M A TREMENDOUS GOOBER. Are you a procrastinator?


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