Thursday Ten: End of the Tunnel edition

1. Just one more day of consecutive daily posts. I’ve done it. Almost. Let’s hope I don’t screw it up. I’m probably gonna summarize this month tomorrow – it’s been an interesting experience. I have been considerably more candid, more revealing here than I have been previously – whether that is something I continue to do or whether I dial it back a notch, I’m not sure. What say you, lovely people?

2. It’s been a rough week in terms of my grandfather’s progress and lack of and the rehabilitation hospital (that I’ve been so pleased with so far) has really irked me. Sometimes I really don’t understand things, people, companies, procedures and the hows and whys. Truly frustrated with the latest development. GRUMBLE.

3. I deleted my iPod the other day – kind of accidentally – thus deleting all the stuff that was still living on my iPod but hadn’t moved over to the new iTunes after the old laptop went kablooey. Follow that? Looks like I’m missing, oh…. 800 songs. I am not happy about that development. Little by little I am finding what I was missing. Gah. TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

4. I received an awesome card from my friend, Rachel, this week. It wasn’t so much the card – which was beautiful – but what she wrote inside of it. It really was a sweet thing and it was just exactly what I needed. It made me smile tremendously. My friends rule.
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5. I’m still reading the Cheryl Strayed book – it’s taking me awhile because EVERYTHING takes me awhile. I just don’t read as much as I used to. But? I’m loving it. Worth a read.

6. Baked two loaves of gingerbread last night in an effort to clear my mind and warm the house. There’s something about that smell, that lovely gingerbread smell. So warm and inviting and delicious. First gingerbread of the season – won’t be the last.

7. I’ve made a small dent in Christmas shopping. Very. Small. Dent. Most of my shopping has been via Amazon because it’s just easier with my schedule. I don’t really know how I’m going to get everything done in time. I usually aim to be done by December 15 – that feels impossible this year. BUT, I’ll try.

8. I was thinking of printing some of my calla lily shots for my mom for Christmas – they’re her favorite flower. So, I bought two callas, took a ton of pictures and then realized that all of them have this look about them. I’m not entirely sure how calla lilies became the flower of choice for sympathy cards because there’s something kinda… Georgia O’Keefe-y about them.

9. My dog doesn’t shut his eyes all the way when he sleeps and it’s creepy as hell.

10. Tonight The Princess has an event at her school. It requires that she bring an entree she’s made. It starts at 5:30. What the hell are they thinking? Even if I could make it on time, the cooking part creates drama. This schedule, this event, is not very friendly to many schedules – namely…MY OWN. With some juggling, everything will happen as it should and everyone will be where they should be when they should be there but UGH. (Don’t get me started on the school Christmas program for Pumpkin – it’s in a few weeks. That one is also going to take some juggling. Who plans this stuff?)

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  1. I’ve loved reading your posts this month. In a way, you have reminded me why I got into blogging years ago, and why I used to read so many other people’s blogs…

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