Kitchen Through the Lens: World’s Worst Chicken Tacos



Dear Rachael Ray:

See that taco up there? That is some SERIOUS ugly. What you can’t tell from that picture is that the kids and I basically dumped out a pound of chicken in the garbage disposal because they were so disgusting.

And while I like to say that I’m not a great cook, I have to say… I’m pretty sure this is YOUR fault.

Now, when The Princess found this recipe in one of your kids’ cookbooks, I was kind of excited. I mean, TACOS. I really love tacos. Plus, with my kiddo picking out the recipe, that gives her a level of being invested in the process – maybe she wouldn’t complain about dinner. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing change of pace?

But the thing is, I could tell once I started cooking that this recipe would be a fail. And I should have known from reading the recipe first and seeing the flavors used and the method of cooking.


Essentially, your recipe treats these chicken tacos as though they were a regular ground beef taco.


It’s not the same.

And then I got close to getting done and I was already trying to think of graceful ways to duck out of actually eating this dinner too, not wanting to discourage the kids.

“Mom, I’m… I… I don’t think I want this,” The Princess stammered.

“GOOD! ME NEITHER!” I replied. And then I wasted all that chicken by cramming it down the garbage disposal and running the water until I could get the stench of chili powder out of my nose.

Not good, Rach.

I’m only hoping the internet can help me out with a do-over – maybe they can give me a tried and true non-sucking chicken taco recipe. Maybe good ol Ree has one. In any case, I think that even if I had opened a pack of instant taco seasoning, it’d have been better than this ugly mess.

Yummo? Not even close.

Sincerely and craving tacos,


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