Kitchen Through The Lens: Homemade Dog Treat

I swear I'd have taken the sticker off the cookie cutter if it was for people
Yeah. What of it. I like my dog.

What I made was a variation on the #7 Beef Dog Treat – I say “variation” because I realized as I was getting ready to start making these that the bouillon powder had garlic powder in it – and I just didn’t want to chance it because garlic is not good for dogs. Soooo, I swapped out the bouillon powder and the milk for some chicken broth instead. And I can’t know if it was a good or bad switch because basically? My dog eats anything.

I admit – I even bought a special cookie cutter…shaped like a dog.

even food for my dog gets baked on parchment

The thing is – the reason I added a homemade dog treat to the list, knowing I wouldn’t test it out myself (though the ingredients are both dog and people safe) is kind of the same as why I don’t use boxed cake mixes: it’s good to know what you’re eating. And hey, it’s good to know what your dog is eating. I know, I know… if your dog is anything like mine you’re thinking, “He licks his own butt, why do I care if I can pronounce the ingredients in his food?”

Okay, well, fine. Maybe you don’t. But hey, it matters.

I admit – I buy the mass produced Milkbone type treats for my pup and probably won’t stop – mainly because this is not something I can see myself doing on a regular basis, but you know, sometimes it’s a nice thing to do.

Even if your dog never says thank you.

homemade dog biscuits

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