Kitchen Through The Lens: Fortune Cookies

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I have a love for fortune cookies that I cannot begin to explain.

They are a light sweet cookie-esque snack (can we really call it a cookie? I’m not sure), that is just sweet enough to take the edge off a sweet craving but not so sweet that you immediately regret eating one (or five). Throw in the cool notes in the middle and…win.

Except when the fortunes are lame and not really fortunes and you can’t even properly add “…in bed” to the end of them.

fortune cookie fail

I think we’ve already covered that not all of my cooking projects are successful (Pioneer Woman Lemon Pasta, I’m lookin’ at you). Those chicken tacos from two weeks ago were a pretty dismal failure as well.

My attempt at fortune cookies?

Not good.

Too bad, too because the recipe came from Cooking Light and actually tasted okay.

Ugly as hell, though.

You flip the parchment over so you’re not putting batter on the pencil marks.

Not that any of you ate these.

I just felt the need to clarify.

pre baking

Spread the batter.

now what?


And now, you should be able to put the fortune in the middle, fold and fold again.


This stuff does NOT want to come off the parchment.

I can’t say I’m surprised – there’s no oil, not butter, no nothin’ that would keep this stuff from sticking, except the use of parchment itself. So, if you are indeed lucky enough to get the cookie off the parchment, it’s likely a crumbly mess, and if it’s not, it’s probably still ugly.

I dunno.

Tasted good.

I’m not gonna say I didn’t eat all those cookie scraps.

But I have to say, all my fortunes were wasted.

And they were good ones too.


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