Thursday Ten: Distributive WHUT? edition

1. A woman I know who is a teacher once told me that we should never tell our children, “I’m so bad at math!” lest they think to themselves, “Well, mom can’t do it and she turned out fine so I don’t need to!” So, when The Princess came to me with math homework that was troubling her the other day, and I couldn’t remember how to do it… I turned to Google. And now, I completely rock distributive property – and better yet: So does The Princess!

2. I joke that I’m bad at math but the reality is not that I’m bad with numbers or I just don’t get it – it’s that I don’t use it much anymore. I’m a former engineering student, for crying out loud. I know how to do math. I just like words better than numbers.

3. Lovely day yesterday with temps in the 70. And the day before, another rainy day. I get tired of the rain sometimes – but it beats the hell out of the thought of snow. I dread the thought of winter.
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4. New music this week? Well, it’s all freaking new because moving everything onto a different computer makes everything show up as new stuff… I downloaded Jukebox the Ghost’s “Somebody” and also an album by Tame Impala that was recommended to me.

5. Fun favorite new website? Emergency Compliment. And just now? It told me that my blog was the best blog. Hm. Works for me.

6. World Series. I’ve lived in Michigan longer than I lived in California, but as a non-baseball fan, developing an allegiance to either team at this point seems fakey and fair-weather-fan-ish. Can I just root for whoever is winning?

7. My cousin gets married this weekend and I’ll be shooting at her rehearsal dinner tomorrow. Love that she’ll have lanterns to release. Hope the weather plays nicely. Uh. Probably not that many lanterns.
lights in the night

8. I’m the only one on my mom’s side of the family who can bake. I’m also apparently the only one who can read a cereal box, as I made a batch of rice crispy squares last night for my mom to take into her office today (it’s her boss’s fave – and as I’ve been in several times for bake sales and that’s always been what he’s bought. Oh well. It took five minutes and shhhh… don’t tell her but I ate a bunch of marshmallows in the process.

9. Is it election day yet? The petty backbiting and name calling and finger pointing is making me grumpy. Also – I’m not registered to any particular political party so I’m getting A LOT of junk mail (They all think they can win me but they can’t). At least one piece of political garbage in the mail each day. Yuck. Poor trees.

10. I want to make a list – 40 Before 40. I have four years to accomplish it – so what should be on the list?

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  1. For your 40 before 40…

    Long weekend at Middle Creek Ranch
    A girls trip that doesn’t involve walking 40 miles 🙂

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