Thursday Ten: A Little Bit Older Edition

1. I still haven’t gotten too wigged out about the fact that I’m another year older and THAT MUCH closer to 40. I guess I had such a great day that it’s hard to even see the negative of it. And y’know, the saying goes “It beats the alternative”… and I guess that’s really true. I am excited finally about the year ahead.

2. My mom’s birthday gift to me? A food processor. And I think The Princess may well be a little more excited than I am. No idea what food we’ll process first – but I’m looking forward to it. Because I am a dork.

3. We’ll see how long it takes me to injure myself on a food processor blade.

4. I finally went to the library last week. I picked up a stack of books. I have read MAYBE 30 pages in the past week. I miss reading. WHY IS EVERYTHING WRITTEN SO BADLY?

5. When my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one to use in the interim until I can replace mine. But, now I need to try to salvage some of the stuff on the computer by moving the garbage from one computer to another. How hard can it be, right? Anyone want to play tech support as I break ALL OF THE THINGS?

6. Soooo, Saturday – Michigan – Michigan State game. This is always a fun one in my family – not that we watch it together. I’m a huge Michigan fan, and my sister is  a State fan (no, we’re not really sure how that happened). Here’s hoping that this year Michigan wins because a) it’s just better that way, and b) I really want to gloat about it.

7. I scored 111 points on the word “JUTE” in a game of Words With Friends this morning. For some of you, that’s not a huge deal because you are full of awesomeness and you win every game that you play (especially if you’re playing against me), but hitting that J on the triple letter with a triple word score and when I saw that word score come up, I was probably a bit more giddy than I should have been. [Note: I will likely still lose that game. Because that’s what I do.]

8. Does anyone even use Klout anymore? I haven’t looked at it in ages, but I just got a notification this morning that one of my favorite peeps gave me an +K in “cookie”. That’s way better than the time Klout decided I had +K in Hitler because I was reading In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin, and tweeting about it. Yeah, cookies > Hitler.

9. My best friend and I decided last week that we would finally hang all of the photos I’d printed and framed. I had a plan in place – a way I visualized them hanging, in what order. She brought over a level and we measured and made pencil marks and did math. And then we realized the nails were too short and we did the math wrong. I think we have it figured out now, but I’ll be tracing my frames on paper first, and taping them on the wall for placement first before I go putting any nails in. Maybe I should just stick to taking the pictures.

10. I think I have given up on current television. I barely even pay attention when Project Runway is on anymore and last night I caught ten minutes of some show about country music and I was like, “How did the nice lady from Friday Night Lights end up in this weird mess with the blond girl with such big teeth?” Meh. Maybe I’ll stick to Netflix.

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