Through The Kitchen Lens: Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup

Pssst… self. Lean in a little closer. I want to tell you something.

Are you listening?


Alrighty, self, here goes:

When you’re doing this cooking thing? I want you to READ THE RECIPE FIRST. Yes, that’s right. READ THE RECIPE. That way when you’re cooking chicken for 20 minutes and letting stuff boil and then letting something simmer for 45 minutes and letting something simmer for 30 minutes – well, it keeps you from expecting to have dinner on the table within an hour of getting home.

Also, you’ll end up taking pictures of your finished soup at ten p.m. in a dark kitchen beneath the glow of those yellowy environmentally friendly but photographically unflattering lights.

Not good.

Self, are you still listening?

Good. Something else I’ve been wanting to tell you.

When you use a recipe from Pioneer Woman, you have my permission to cut the recipe in half. Or fourths even. You’re feeding two daughters and not a full house of ranchers. You could also opt to invite twenty of your closest friends everyone you’ve ever met, and share your dinner with them.

We good? Good.


Red onion. Sharp knives.

my knife skills one to the yard. that would be weird. put the knife down.


Onions, red and green peppers, garlic. Chicken, blah blah blah.

This soup takes a LONG time, y’all. There’s a lot of simmering involved. I meant to start at 6, looked at the recipe and went, “Uh… Maybe I’ll make it after tucking in the kids and then we’ll just reheat it tomorrow.

The flavor? Incredible. Lip burning spicy-ness (I like that).

It’s easy if you have patience (I don’t).

And since I didn’t reduce the recipe, more than half of it is in storage containers in my freezer for one of the many many days I won’t feel like cooking.

Some crispy corn tortilla strips on top.

And cilantro, because YES.

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  1. Sarah, you’re so funny!! Self, still listening ? Good stuff, my friend! Good stuff! ;-).

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