Kitchen Through the Lens: Strawberry Shortcake

your dessert is jealous of my dessert. unless your dessert is a brownie sundae.


I really love dessert.

I also love fruit.

Fruit in my dessert? Well, let’s just say I’m not always a fan.

I know, I know… But, really? It’s just the way I’m wired.

I decided to branch out a bit with this one. Explore new dessert horizons.

Strawberry shortcake.


A rather photogenic fruit, am I right? So red and lovely and even on their own, so sweet and perfect on a warm summer day. They don’t need anything else. I’m not sure why we decided we can’t just let fruit be fruit and dessert be chocolate.


I recruited a helper-slash-hand-model from my pool of offspring. I selected the only one I trust with sharp objects.

pour some sugar on me

Strawberry shortcake is actually really easy to make. Cut off the stems of the strawberries, quarter them and add sugar. Let the sugar and strawberries work their mojo while you do the rest of the fun stuff.

just grab 'em in the biscuit

Like make biscuits. OH THE HEAVY CREAM.

This recipe called for just putting the dough-type-substance in an 8″ square pan and then cutting it into six pieces. NO WAY. I wanted actual pretty, round photogenic biscuits, baby.

These dense, very lightly sweetened biscuits made the perfect backdrop to those sweetened berries and rich (homemade!) whipped cream.

I could eat those biscuits alone, actually.

(I, uh… did, actually… the next day.)



The kids were pretty enthused with this week’s project (I excluded them from margarita night, so I had some making up to do!). These shortcakes were the final touch on a fabulous, if I do say so myself (and I do!), meal. It was one of those evenings where I felt like, Whoa. I may figure out this kitchen thing after all*…

*You may not want to bet money on that.

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  1. Delicious and I love your offspring’s choice of nail colour, very now.

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