we’re all just caterpillars waiting for our wings

But he was still hungry

Or something.

One of the definitions of metamorphosis reads:

any complete change in appearance, character,circumstances, etc.

The thing is, this is true for most of us, most of the time. The world is not still and life constantly evolves and changes, as do we. Your hair is short and then it’s long. You live in California and then you live in Michigan. You are right handed and then you trip and fall over a tree root and break your hand and must learn to use your left*. You have no children and are on your own, then you are a parent with babies to care for. You hate vegetables and then one day you decide they’re not so bad and wonder what you were thinking. You speak only your native language and then you learn a new one, sort of, kind of. You are scared of bees and then overcome your fear. You drink your coffee with milk and then decide you prefer it black. You replace your silver jewelry with gold and back to silver again. Your hair is long and then it’s cut short. You say you’ll never get a dog and then you get one and you love it. You get wrinkles where you once had none. You are surrounded by people and then you are alone. You are violently opposed to skinny jeans and then you buy four pair. Your children are babies and then they are out of diapers. You go from worrying about Friday night plans to worrying about property taxes.

And that’s just a piece of it.

Nothing stays the same. Ever. Not really.

And sometimes that’s okay.


*This hasn’t actually happened to me. I know I’m clumsy, and you know I’m clumsy. That’s why I’m pointing it out. I have not ever broken a bone (knock wood), though I may or may not have tripped over some tree roots in my day.

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