Thursday Ten: Last Week of Summer edition

1. Met the girls’ teachers yesterday and… I really think it’s gonna be a good year. The Princess needs a teacher who isn’t afraid to be tough and challenge her students and WHOA, I think she may have that teacher. And Pumpkin’s teacher? She seems to have a great sense of humor which I think will work well with Pumpkin’s personality. Just a few more days til school starts. BRING IT.

2. Two more days of my 365 – TWO! And then year four will be over. Am I doing a fifth year? Yeppers. Join me if you want. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. (Hell, I can’t wait to see what I come up with!)

3. Know what makes me inordinately happy? Pretty cappuccino art. Coffee. Coffee houses. Cups of coffee. Coffee with friends. Talking over coffee. Pretty coffee. Yeah.
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4. Adults behaving badly – it gets old – heard second hand of someone getting her knickers in a twist because she wasn’t invited to a bridal shower. Let’s see: The bride you barely know didn’t invite you to celebrate her impending nuptials with her FAMILY and CLOSEST FRIENDS and you are upset? Just sit down, shush up and enjoy your free afternoon and the extra thirty bucks you didn’t spend on towels at Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. Election season must have been so much more pleasant back before the internet.

6. In book club this month we’re reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl – I’m not too far into it, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that it might be the one of the most well-written books I’ve picked up in awhile. The last two books I’ve tried to read, I’ve set aside, unfinished – with no intent to return to them. This one seems to be a good one, though.

7. Pumpkin has taken to asking for another dog. A smaller dog. One who will cuddle with her. I think she had these visions of our pup – he was so tiny at first – but he grew, OH DID HE GROW. But no new puppies for us… I cannot even imagine where the time to housetrain a puppy would come from and I can’t afford to replace all the carpet. Sorry kiddo. No go.

8. The advantage to keeping a container of cookie dough (homemade, of course) in the fridge is making just one cookie to tide a sweet tooth craving and hold you over. The disadvantage is knowing there’s still a container in the fridge and really? JUST ONE? GO MAKE ANOTHER ONE.

9. New music this week – some stuff from the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, The Best Coast covering Rhiannon.

10. I didn’t need a reminder – but cancer? It sucks. Heart is heavy and hurting and I feel helpless and I am committed to keep doing what little bit I can – whether it’s walking in the Avon Walks or talking about cancer or posting links on early detection or talking about cookies in relation to my bake sales to raise funds for my walks. This is probably another post for another day, or many more posts for many more days. As many as it takes. (And Julie, I’m rooting for you)

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  1. I am sure the girls will have a great time back at school.

    Yes, rooting for Julie.

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