Thursday Ten: Grateful Cancellations Edition

1. My book club was cancelled last night. I had, uh, actually decided to skip it before they cancelled it but then someone’s kid(s) got sick and so the whole shebang was off and so I was no longer an antisocial canceler and instead just like everyone else. If, by chance, you’re in my book club and you’re reading this – it wasn’t y’all. I just didn’t feel like being social. Or making a dish to pass. I’ll be better next time around. Probably.

2. So instead of book club, I went to Sephora because I had a gift card. Now that was fun. It also only took five minutes.

3. I am officially burned out on Olympics.

4. On Saturday, I had the opportunity to assist shooting a wedding. The experience deserves its own post, surely. As someone who doesn’t usually shoot weddings, it was definitely a learning experience and one that was a tremendous shake to my confidence, and since I’ve returned from it, I’ve been slower to pick up my camera. And maybe that’s okay – because the thing is, it’s okay to realize I have things to learn. I’ll learn them. And that is kind of a scary realization. I’d like to get a bit of my faith back, though.
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5. Lately, I stay up too late. Good thing I bought concealer at Sephora. If you can’t sleep, you can buy sleep in a bottle. A little under-eye concealer and suddenly, voila, well rested.

6. In new music, I downloaded Missy Higgins’s new album and iTunes promptly ate half of it. Because iTunes is broken in stupid ways. And none of their remedies have fixed it. SOOOOO I will be doing my music buying from Amazon (and then I’ll be a jerk and link everything here with affiliate links because I can and if you’re going to buy it anyway, might as well use an affiliate link, right?) Anyway, Missy is especially moody lately and it’s all fine.

7. I am having a ridiculous amount of fun with my Kitchen through the Lens project. Mission accomplished. I have many weeks to go, but it’s nice knowing that once a week, I’m trying something new and often  delicious and I’m kind of glad I started it. I will try not to strain my arm patting myself on the back.

8. My house feels empty when my daughters aren’t in it.

9. This is the time of year when Facebook fills up with people sending their kids off to school and here in Michigan we have nearly another month until kids go back to school. It’s the law, y’all. No school until after Labor Day.

10. Sometimes you need, for no good reason, to end a post with baby piggies. You’re welcome.
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  1. Beav doesn’t start school until Sept 5th, glad to know we’re not the only ones that wait until after Labor Day.

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