Kitchen Through The Lens: MARGARITAS


This is what it is like to be wrangled into participating in one of my projects, and this is only my side of the conversation over several days:

“I’m going to make margaritas! You want to have margarita night with me?”

“I’m looking for margarita recipes! How fun!”

“Did you know Emeril puts pineapple juice in his margaritas? EWWWW!”

“Going tequila shopping!”

“Simple syrup? No. I hate when margaritas are too sweet.”

“Hey, I made simple syrup. Better to have it and not need it.”


“Oh, hey – why don’t you do all the work and make the margaritas?”

Yeah. I’m a little bit of a pain.

But here’s the scoop: I love margaritas. The problem I have with margaritas is that often they’re too sweet, and two sips in, I am SO OVER margaritas because ugh, sugar coma. In fact, I have thought on more than one occasion that a margarita shot would be a better idea… just a lil bit of that great taste, but not enough to make me sugar sick. Also? NO MIXES ALLOWED.

(Also? I think margarita glasses are dumb)

I sought “the best margarita recipe” on Twitter, and received this gem from my friend, Danielle:

4 parts 100% agave tequila
2 parts triple sec
2 parts fresh lime juice
1 part simple syrup
course sea salt for the rim of the glass

four parts

Buying the tequila? WAY easier than buying cachaça. I coulda bought more tequila for less money, but what do I need with more tequila? (Patron Silver. It was good and the bottle was pretty and those things matter)

all the puny limes

Here’s the thing: if you have a drink that involves math, maybe you should start the math with the tequila versus squeezing a bunch of limes (I squeezed the limes! Whoohoo! Go me!), and then saying, “Okay, well, let’s call this two parts of lime. If this is a half cup, then four parts of tequila would be… one cup.”

Oh, the margarita math.

And what’s up with the limes? They were all ugly. I coulda used some nice photogenic limes.

These? They were some strong margaritas.

Next time I’ll:

  • make them myself (though I did salt the glasses and that is TOTALLY IMPORTANT)
  • make a pitcher of them and perhaps pour a smaller drink
  • realize that it will take one margarita before I can’t entirely feel my teeth
  • take more pictures

In short: margaritas are delicious, this recipe is a winner, and I’m lazy and if I invite you to join me for drinks you will probably do most of the work. The end.


Here is Grace Potter and Kenny Chesney singing “You and Tequila” (Did you know that there are way more songs about tequila than there are about cachaça?) Okay, the end.

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  1. Heh, couldn’t feel your teeth. I get that when I have a tipple and people tell me I am imagining it. I’ve never tried tequila or margaritas, I am positively behind in my education.

  2. YAY! I love this margarita recipe and it is my cocktail of choice. Too bad no one in the UK can make one! Therefore, I decided to find the best recipe and make it at home whenever I want. That tequila looks great. The only 100% Agave tequila I can get is El Jimador but I’m happy with it.

    • This recipe was amazing because the fresh lime juice and massive amounts of tequila completely solved the “too sweet” problem. They were JUST the right sweetness. (Also, all that lime? I’m calling that a serving of fruit)

      Thanks for the recipe! (Miss you!)

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