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After several days of triple digit temperatures the weather finally broke over the weekend – not as soon as I’d hoped it would and not with the epic thunderstorm I had been envisioning – but it broke nonetheless, allowing me for the first time in days to turn the air conditioning off, push open the windows and feel the air move.

It makes a difference.

Yesterday, again for the first time in days, I was able to lace up my exercise shoes and go outside and sweat. For someone who employs a “break a sweat daily” rule for general well-being, I’ve discovered that it only counts if the sweat is from physical exertion and not from sweltering temperatures.

I need air and I need to feel my body move. These are things that propel me through my days, things that allow me to feel like me, and when they are absent or I am unable, I have found I feel like a caged animal.

I rolled my windows down yesterday and drove for awhile without having a plan or a destination. I ended up stopping to buy myself some vibrant yellow mums (and a carton of raspberries for my daughter), passing through the McDonald’s drive thru for a bucket of Diet Coke, stopping at Target for a canister for flour. Sure, it’s not exactly an exciting evening – not even close – but the breeze felt good rushing through my windows and the feel of my hair, windblown and messy, was a thrill after the days of unmoving heat.

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