Thursday Ten: Talking About Things edition

1. First things first, because you know I’d mention it and I’mma get it out of the way and then move on. Season Two of The Voice ended with Chris Mann placing fourth and while I am tremendously bummed that he didn’t win it (OH THE TALENT, Y’ALL), I have faith that good things are in store for him. Besides, does anyone even know who won Season 1 of The Voice? I sure don’t. He’ll find his way – that I’m sure of. It was just really nice to see his face on my TV for all those weeks. Quite nice indeed.

2. In the midst of feeling massive amounts of stress lately my friends had bombed me with love in the forms of cards in the mail and random texts and DMs on Twitter. It feels amazingly good to know I have such great people in my corner. It makes my heart lighter to feel loved and I appreciate it.

3. A week from tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane (GAH) heading for Boston for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This will be my FOURTH Avon Walk, and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve never been to Massachusetts and I’m looking forward to seeing so much of a new place over the few days I’m there.

4. I wasn’t going to mention it – because I don’t do politics here – but I’m pretty damn pleased that President Obama voiced his support for same-sex marriage yesterday. Whether or not you think it’s a ploy to get votes in an election year, or whether you believe his sincerity — it’s still huge and I am tremendously glad he took that step in that direction. I am choosing to tune out the haters about it – because who has time for hate? Not me.

5. So, it’s totally rational when feeling stressed out to make massive changes to your hair. Cut three inches off the bottom and colored it (myself! Can you tell?!). I think I’ll be taking it a little darker soon and getting rid of some of the red, because WHOA.
Oh. The red.

6. Tonight The Princess has a school musical. I added it to my iPhone calendar a month ago. Never thought about it since. The reminder popped up last night. Her teacher sends reminders about EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. Not this. Soooo… guess I have plans tonight. Don’t get me wrong – I love love love seeing my kids involved in school and shining their light and being their best – but apparently there are TWO HUNDRED KIDS IN THIS PERFORMANCE. 200.

7. I posted briefly last night about my intent to write more and I meant it. Some of that writing will fill this space. Not all of it, but some. I love writing, and I want to find my way back to it.

8. I haven’t downloaded anything new lately that wasn’t The Voice related (see #1) or wasn’t for the kids (which is how “TTYLXOX” popped up on Shuffle this morning). What are you listening to these days?

9. While I am working to make writing a bigger part of my life again, my time with a camera in my hands remains some of my favorite waking time. I cannot imagine not having this outlet. I love getting to show people the way I see things. Needing to find a way to keep challenging myself and seeing things differently.
252 | 365

10. It’s Mother’s Day weekend approaching – so if you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom, have heard of this strange concept called “mom”, or whatever. Enjoy yourself. Or don’t. But if you’re not enjoying yourself, can you make some waffles for me? I’d like to celebrate this whole mom thing.

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  1. Good luck in Boston! Yeah you for doing your 4th Avon Walk! 🙂

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