Bombed. With Love. Like Whoa.

In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.
-Albert Schweitzer

I started blogging just over six years ago, when Pumpkin was an infant and The Princess was a preschooler and I was a newly working-from-home mom who wanted an outlet for writing and talking about my day and hopefully hang on to a piece of myself while living elbow deep in diapers and bottles and bendy straws.

And initially I was shouting into the void because I didn’t really give the link to anyone I knew, just started writing.

And then somehow, people came.

Not many. I’m not one of those bloggers. I don’t have the charisma to attract people in droves to find out about my riveting iTunes buying habits. That’s okay.

Eventually, I would meet other bloggers and work on other projects and form friendships.

Oh, the friendships.

It seems weird, these friends of mine who live in the computer – who were so theoretical and imaginary until a few years ago in Nashville, I met many of them face to face. And then later in Chicago, I met more of them at another blogging conference. And these ladies who fill my Twitter stream and invade my Skype on the daily (thank god), have become some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

It sucks when many of your closest friends are so far away. I could go damn near anywhere in this country and know someone there – and that’s pretty awesome. But sometimes, when you’re having a hard time, the country feels kind of big.

Until your friends make it smaller.

I’m not sure who started it, but my mailbox has been getting so much love lately. Almost daily, I receive a greeting card with love and support and joy and friendship.

Sending hugs from the middle of Georgia.

Remember I’m here for you always.

I hope you don’t mind slightly pornographic fairy cards.

You are loved SO much.

You, friend, often make me smile…

Amazing. You’re amazing.

Love you.

#GuacTribe forever!

Surely they know, have to know how their kind words mean the world to me. How even though my world is a little shaken right now and things are chaotic, their love and support from their various corners of the country remind me that I’m loved and that as long as I’m loved I’ll be okay. They don’t even need to know what’s bothering me, only that I need love and they have reached out to give it in spades.

And I am so blessed. So very very blessed.

I wish they were all nearby and we could kick back somewhere with a table overflowing with food and drinks and just all laugh and talk and be surrounded by the light that each one of us has to shine. But until the next time, I welcome their arrival in my mailbox. Little by little. Each kindness. All of the love.

I am so very blessed to have these friends.


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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. (((hugs)) I am SO glad. 🙂

  2. Mad love and smooches to you my friend. Luff you!!!

  3. Love bomb, FTW!!! xoxo

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