Thursday Ten: There’s No Witty Subject Line edition

1. First and foremost, congrats to my dear sweet friend who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday. I’m guessing that she won’t see this post until the middle of the night while she’s awake with a baby… maybe days or weeks down the road… but, WHOOHOO! Congratulations and much love to your family.

2. I’m not always the biggest fan of Grand Rapids so I try to embrace the things about it that I love. This week, not only did I have a spectacular cappuccino (I may never look at Starbucks the same again), I found a great shop that makes these awesome desserts in house in their cute store. Had a taste of an amazing chili sea salt brownie the other day – frankly, that worried me slightly but it was SO GOOD (can you really go wrong with chocolate and sea salt?).
231| 365

3. Was thrilled and over the moon excited to see Chris Mann advance to the next round on The Voice. While I admittedly LOATHE Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” (as you know), Chris’s version was better than Coldplay’s (much as I adore him, though, I really really hope he doesn’t revisit the Coldplay catalog in the next round). Rooting for you, Chris!

4. What am I reading now? Well, I just started John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. I’m not far enough into it to give a decent review, but so far, I’m interested in reading what happens next, and I’ll probably be able to tell you more about it next Thursday.

5. Massive winds whipped through Michigan earlier in the week – sent the kids’ trampoline flying across the backyard and into our fence. I don’t know if it’s gonna be salvageable, but man, The Princess is heartbroken at the thought of that trampoline being out of commission.

6. I have decided I need a new project! Why? It’s not as though I need more ways to spend time – god knows, my time is at a premium as is. I just need to find things that are fun and challenge my desire to utilize my creative brain in different ways. I’m not sure if it’s a photography project, or a baking project, or hey, maybe I need to tackle some new challenges to get myself back into the swing of writing again… I’m not sure. Ideas?

7. Sometimes I think that I should decorate with white Christmas lights all year also. While I guess the look could say, “I’m too lazy to take my lights down”, to me, it’s kinda joyous and whimsical and pretty.
A sprinkle of lights

8. I am so way overdue for having my eyebrows waxed. If you’ve seen me lately and wondered about the caterpillar on my head… I’m sorry. I really need to get better at making time for the important things.

9. It’s funny, I went over ten years without having a hamburger and right now (perhaps because I am chew-my-arm-off starving!) I am craving one. I did not plan for lunch very well today and have spent far more time than I care to admit thinking of food. Frankly, this post has been excessively about food… Sorry. Guess sometimes I just write what I know.

10. A month from today I’ll be wrapping up day 1 of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – 26.2 miles. It’s a lot and I’m so very excited because even though it’s hard work, it’s a great deal of fun for such a good cause. Time’s flying! I’ve never seen Boston before, and I haven’t seen my walking team in awhile. So much looking forward to it.

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  1. Looking for a project? My oh my … wait until you hear what Debbie and I have in store for you. We are working on a project that is…. er. um. ah. CRAZY. We have already given you assignments on our “to-do” spreadsheet. Yes, that is right, we have a spreadsheet and your name is on it. Twice I believe. I bet you are curious!!!

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