Thursday Ten: Free Time WHUT edition

1. Time is flying and I feel like every moment is accounted for. That’s a bit of a twitchy feeling. Granted, I’ve always been one to fill time – I hate being still – but man, would I love for things to slow down just a little bit.

2. Thanks for your help last week – between people who read my post and my coworkers, over $300 was raised on Friday to fight breast cancer. Using, I selected a winner to receive a special gift from me. I’ve already notified Erica and I look forward to sending her something. If you still feel like you’d like to donate, you may do so right –> HERE <–

3. Was thrilled to see Chris Mann make it through the first round of live performances on The Voice. He’s wickedly talented and tremendously nice and every time he makes it through another round, it really does give me a bit of a feeling of genuine joy – because he deserves the attention he’s getting right now. Hope this is the boost he needs to go on to do fantastic things. (Crystal Bowersox doesn’t look amused, does she? Sorry, Crystal. Also, where is my mascara in this picture? See how I say that? Like I would otherwise look better in this picture!)

4.  Just downloaded… Alabama Shakes’ album “Boys and Girls”. What are you listening to?

5. I haven’t gone through all my pictures from a mini-vacay to Chicago last weekend (see above and that whole not enough time thing). But I kind of love this picture that The Princess caught of me jumping on the hotel bed.
sometimes i get ridiculous

6. My car had to go into the shop for a day yesterday and I ended up riding in to work with my mom. I was reminded how much a quiet commute is a good thing. I love my music and a cup of coffee on my drive in to work. Massive amounts of conversation? Meh, maybe later.

7. So, Tigers baseball opens today. Some people are happy about this, right? (Not me. I’m neutral. Baseball…meh.)

8. Sooooo… two pictures of myself in one Thursday Ten post? That’s a bit much. Sorry.

9. Finally sat down with the fam to watch “We Bought A Zoo” last weekend and you know what? I loved it. The kids haven’t mentioned it at all since – but I want to buy it now that it came out on DVD. And not just because of Matt Damon, either. It was REALLY a good movie.

10. Realized that in the midst of fundraising and gearing up for that aspect of the Avon Walk, I have completely neglected training to walk 40 miles! Uh…whoops? I guess I better get on that or those long days of walking are going to be a little interesting!

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  1. I love the pictures of you!

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