Thursday Ten: Spring Fever edition

1. The kids in west Michigan are gearing up for spring break – but where’s MY spring break?! I really think there should be mandatory spring breaks for parents too. I mean, I guess you’d have to stagger it a bit – the whole world can’t stop working at once, but yeah. Spring break for EVERYONE!

2. I’ve mentioned Chris Mann once or twice around this here blog. Well, The Voice is getting ready to start its LIVE ROUNDS next Monday – that means Chris will be performing again (WHOOHOO!) and that we’ll get the opportunity to vote to keep him around. Watch him, love him, vote for him. Seriously, the guy is GOOD.

3. We’re having a fundraiser in my office tomorrow to raise funds for the Avon walk and other breast cancer charities, and I think I may do some cool things here as well. Stop by tomorrow. Really.

4. Apparently my bundt pan is too small. I saw an amazing recipe for a glazed lemon pound cake in Real Simple magazine. After about 20 minutes of cooking, I smelled something burning. When I peered in my oven I found all the batter had overflowed onto the bottom of my oven, burning up a big stink. Oy. Enough of it survived though even though it wasn’t a very pretty cake. I’ll buy a bigger bundt pan because I am DEFINITELY making it again. DELISH.
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5. I wish I had cake. That cake went to my sister and brother-in-law along with some homemade ropa vieja, as the last dinner to be delivered to them post-baby. I had arranged for people to bring them dinners. Due to egos and people just being bananas, it went horribly afoul. Except my ropa vieja. That was good. And we’ve already established the delish-ness of the cake. (And my friend who gave them gift cards – that worked well too. But the mean people? That didn’t work).

6. As the weather warms up I start trying to eat in a more healthful way – most of the time it goes really well. Other times I start blogging about cake and end up diving face first into a bag of Everything-flavored Pretzel Crisps.

7. My March Madness brackets? A big ol mess. BOO to you Vanderbilt. And Duke. And the other team that I forgot about. Pfft. This is my worst showing in years.

8. Completely caved in to a fashion whim and bought brightly colored jeans for spring. I’m not often “on trend” – mostly because I just don’t care – but have found myself so drawn to these bright pants. Cute pinkishy-purpley skinny jeans from the Gap. Now where am I gonna wear ’em?

9. TicTacs as a food group – yes or no?

10. Right now, I’m reading The Paris Wife for book club. Wow, another great book club selection. It’s fiction, but based on Ernest Hemingway and his wife. Definitely enjoying it. What are you reading these days?

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  1. Always carry TicTacs. Love em’!

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