Thursday Ten: Sleeveless in March edition

1. This afternoon at the end of the work day, I peeled off my cardigan, threw my hair up in a ponytail and rolled the windows all the way down before driving home. This record breaking March heatwave is insane. So grateful for cooler weather rolling in. Somewhere between snow and oven-roasting is the temperature I like best. I’d like to have a little spring first.

2. I was thrilled and honored to have been able to photograph my newborn niece last week. Truly a labor of love and I find it so much easier to photograph people I care about. I frequently second guess myself and always feel I could have done better. This shoot? I’m pretty pleased with how it went.
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3. Just finished reading the first of two book club books last night. Defending Jacob: A Novel is probably one of the better books I’ve read in a long time – quite a few plot twists I completely didn’t see coming (and frankly, usually you can see ’em coming). Well written, riveting. A++. If you like mysteries or legal thrillers, give it a whirl.

4. I’ve taken to drinking a lot of water in the office – gotta stay hydrated and frankly it keeps me from being hungry all day (okay, it doesn’t really. I’m still always hungry, but it at least distracts me from eating). When I fill my water cup, I’m reminded of a story my high school Spanish teacher used to tell, which revolved around the saying “Agua va!” I guess I think of it when I’m getting water, because y’know, water = agua… But the saying actually had to do with dumping chamber pots full of pee out the window. If I’m remembering it right. Wouldn’t it be funny if my brain was just making that up? But yeah, I’m sure it’s about falling pee. Cheers.

5. Booked my flights to Boston and I’m definitely gearing up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. I suppose right about now I should be doing longer training walks. Oy. I haven’t yet. The past three years, the longest training walk I’ve done is 8 miles. And you’re right, walking eight doesn’t prepare you to walk nearly 40.

6. But I have been able to go outside and enjoy cardio outside again. I may not be walking 40 miles, but it really is nice to work out in fresh air as opposed to clunking around on the treadmill.

7. The Princess got her report card this week – straight As. Just completely wonderful to see her teacher’s nice comments and seeing how hard the kiddo has worked for her grades. She is just really an amazing kid – and I like that she’s a good student.

8. I got Crystal Light Margarita flavored drink mix. It’s just like a margarita! Without the ice! Or the salt! Or the zillion calories! Or the tequila! Actually, it’s not awful – but I guess there’s still a part of me that if I’m drinking something that tastes like a margarita, well, I’d actually like for it to be a margarita.

9. I’m really very hungry right now.

10. To make life a little easier for my sister and her hubby while adjusting to life with a new baby, I’ll be bringing them dinner tomorrow. I’m telling you about it now because I’m very hungry. I plan on making a lot so there’s enough for us and them – but I sure do love ropa vieja so that’s what I’m making. I’ll throw everything in the slow cooker in the morning and prep some rice before I deliver it at dinner time. That sounds really really good. Okay. I should go eat now.

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