Thursday Ten: WHOA, DECEMBER. SLOW DOWN edition

1. You’d think that things in December would slow down, life would mellow out and we could all dial it back a little and just chill out and eat Christmas cookies and maybe sing a few carols while sitting next to the Christmas tree doing ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY NOTHING. Yeah. No go.

2. Every year around this time people start talking about holiday movie classics – and I guarantee, I haven’t seen most of them. “Love, Actually”? Nope. “Elf”? Never. “It’s A Wonderful Life”? Not even that gem. I’m just a dork that way. Maybe I should make it a point to see at least one of them this year. What’s your favorite?

3. Tomorrow I bake cookies like a mad woman to prepare for our annual cookie decorating party. Every year I forget what a gigantic pain rolled cookies are, but it’s worth it when the kids have so much fun decorating cookies with their friends.

4. Lot of people talking about and thinking about John Lennon today. I’m no different.
Central Park

5. Usually I am SO MUCH FURTHER along on holiday shopping than I am this year. Not even close to done. And I keep forgetting to send my dad’s gift to California (though, he always opens it early, so maybe it’s good that I wait). Was hoping to be done by next week – not sure if that’s going to happen.

6. I started reading Chris Bohjalian’s new book and had to put it down because a plane crash was a central theme and I have to get on a plane next week. I know the statistics are in my favor but that was just too much creepy too close to airplane time.

7. While holiday shopping I bought some of Sephora’s “Naughty Is The New Nice” nail polish – a gorgeous, glittery icy-silver-blue polish. Well, that gorgeous polish DOES NOT WANT TO COME OFF. I’ve tried a few different times with nail polish remover and now I’m on to that age old remedy of picking it off with my fingernails. My nails really look like hell.

8. New music is old music – I reloading the soundtrack to “Waiting To Exhale” into my iTunes. In college, there was a period where I fell asleep to that album every night… and instantly when I put it on last night, thirty seconds into track one my eyelids got heavy. Old habits.

9. I really miss having time for photography. The past few pictures of the day have been hastily snapped during lunch hour – and I have only been mildly okay with the things I’ve shot. I miss the time I could spend on it. I still carry my camera bag often – because you never know. But, yeah… it stinks.

10. I have not wrapped a single Christmas present. I don’t want to. That’s the least fun part. Three rolls of wrapping paper in the office and a tree with nothing under it says maybe I should get moving soon. Bleh.

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  1. I forgot how good your blog is… (although how on EARTH you find time to write everywhere and just DO so much is beyond me). You’re inspiring.

    Anyway… same boat here. Not ready for Christmas at all. I got back home last night after a couple of nights away and discovered my other half at breaking point. Hopefully the next few days will see our house fall into some kind of order and calm…

    p.s. “Waiting to Exhale” is wonderful.

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