Thursday Ten: Toast and Butter edition

1. I really love carbs – and as I type, I’m enjoying a slice of sourdough bread covered with melty butter and really I think if there was ever a reason when I would have to not eat carbs anymore I would be so sad and life would NOT BE THE SAME.

2. I had a migraine on Monday that knocked me flat on my butt.  Between the aching pain of the headache and the queasiness, I was miserable. I used to get migraines a lot more frequently and Monday was a reminder of how lucky I am that I am not a chronic migraine-sufferer. UGH. No fun.

3. The past few days I have not used my dSLR at ALL. It’s weird. Even my pictures of the day have been with either my iPhone or my point and shoot. It’s weird – they say the best camera is the one you have with you – and that’s true – I’d rather have my iPhone camera than none, but I miss shooting like I’m TRYING.

4. After some initial adjustment and glitchiness, I think I really am starting to like Lightroom. Witness below, a portrait of a blogger playing with some overdone Lightroom preset.
A girl, her camera, and some whacked out Lightroom preset.

5. What’s been keeping me amused this week? The latest from the guys behind the “Whole Foods Parking Lot” video. “Yoga Girl” is just as funny – even if you are like me and aren’t really a yoga person.

6. Go see The Muppets. Go. Go see it. I know, it’s expensive to go to the movies, and the kids will probably want popcorn and stuff and it will cost roughly the same as a month’s mortgage payment… but it’s adorable.

7. Tis the season for my email inbox to be filled with daily emails from the same online retailers trying to get me to buy stuff. SO MUCH JUNK MAIL. It’s crazy-making. Same companies, every day. I just delete them all. I don’t even read them anymore. Wonder how many good sales I’m missing?

8. Go Blue! Michigan beat Ohio State last weekend which was a long time coming. That was a very close game and I’m glad they finally won (also big congrats to Michigan’s coach, who was voted Big Ten Coach of the Year! Awesome!).

9. Okay, admittedly, I started writing this post hours ago. When I indeed had toast and butter. Now, I have a lukewarm Coke Zero and a bag of beef jerky and I WISH I had another slice of toast. I estimated yesterday that probably 95% of what I write/tweet/talk about is food. I haven’t officially checked that – but I can’t be far off.

10. Tis the season…for people to drive me crazy. There’s probably another post brewing – but I received an email last night from one of the classroom moms of a kiddo in The Princess’s class. Even hours after I clicked delete on the sucker, it still irks me. I don’t much care for the Mom Olympics – and this rallying to be the BEST PARENT EVER by coordinating the teacher’s holiday gift (despite receiving three SEPARATE letters from the school and teacher with specific requests of what to get – none of which this parent is adhering to). You know what? You probably don’t get a prize for kissing the teacher’s butt. And if you do, I don’t want it anyway.

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