Holiday Gift Guide for the Woman Who Won’t Tell You What She Wants for Christmas

Do you know one of those women? You ask her what she wants for Christmas and she “doesn’t know”? It’s pretty common. I am not one who likes to give a long detailed list of what I would like (my mother, on the other hand, is quite specific and in fact makes sure to give her list to both my sister AND me to make sure her bases are covered).

So, here’s some help shopping for the difficult woman in your life. DISCLAIMER: This only works if she is somewhat like me or shares my interests. I’m a strange bird, and what floats my boat might not float hers. DISCLAIMER PART TWO: These things are all just random things I’ve found. No PR company has given me any kickbacks to tell you nice things about them. They are just things I find pretty cool. (Note to PR companies: If you would like to give me any kickbacks for saying any of the nice things I have already said about the items listed below, I’m not opposed to that).

Macro Cell Lens Band at the Photojojo Store!

Is she a camera nerd? Rarely spotted without her iPhone? HEY! ME TOO! This macro cell lens thingamabobber from PhotoJojo looks crazy cool… and it’s only $15. That means if you need a fun stocking stuffer, this would be a great thing. Or, if you’re not out to spend a bunch of dinero, just want to give a cool gift, you can do it without breaking the bank. (Okay fine, this list isn’t gender specific. I bet lots of guys would dig this also)

The Lens Cap Strap Holder at the Photojojo Store!

Since we’re already hanging out on Photojojo, and we’re talking about camera nerds… Does she ever lose her lens caps? HEY! ME TOO! Spare her the agony of crawling around looking for a lens cap after a shoot and pick up one of these things for her.

My friend Lisa is an AMAZING jewelry designer, and you can’t go wrong with any of her amazing jewelry pieces. She’s not accepting any custom orders, but that’s okay, because some of her standard stuff is pretty cool. Like these stacking rings – funky, stylish, sassy… yet classic. Her Etsy store has a lot of amazing finds.

Other Ideas…

Does she always run over her iPod earbuds with the vacuum cleaner or otherwise break them? Check out some headphones (I don’t have time to do the research for you – here are some noise cancelling headphones options).

Does she like to bake or cook? You probably can’t lose if you walk into Williams Sonoma, shut your eyes, spin around three times and point to something. Why? Everything in that store is really cool and makes you feel like you are capable of making edible things.

Does she love to read? Try to find a book for her. It’s scary, yes – because buying a book for someone is kind of a personal thing. My dad gives me a book every year and almost every year it’s a total dud. But… if you know her and know of other books she likes, you may be able to find books that are similar. If you dare. [Note: If you need book recommendations, really, I’m happy to help y’all out – leave a comment and I’ll see if I can suggest something]

Or the best idea yet…

Surprise her. You know her, otherwise you wouldn’t be buying her a gift, right? What does she enjoy? What are her hobbies? What does she love to do? If you don’t have any idea (and you should, right?), have you tried asking a friend of hers, a family member, the woman who works at the store she goes to frequently? A well-thought out surprise gift centered around the things she enjoys (whether her hobbies are knitting and underwater basket-weaving or training carrier pigeons or WHATEVER) will go a LONG way. Trust me.

Happy shopping.

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