Thursday Ten: Mournful Edition

1. There’s nothing much I can say that hasn’t already been said more thoughtfully or eloquently already – but I am saddened by the death of Steve Jobs and honestly, I’m surprised how sad I am over the death of someone I never met. I admired his creative mind though – and his products and his vision made a huge difference in the lives of many (she says as she types a blog post with her iPhone not a foot away). Consider the universe dinged, Steve.

2. The winner of ArtPrize was announced tonight. While I’m not at all surprised what won, I don’t love the piece. I’m disappointed, but it could have been worse.

3. I forgot Pumpkin’s picture day this week. School pictures are overpriced and usually poorly done, but I always buy them. I hate that I forgot.

4. After just over two months of work, I am finally to the point where I turn in the proper direction when I get off the elevator. This seems like it wouldn’t be that tough to remember… but it is.

5. Starbucks occasionally has these cards for free music and I always pick them up (I’ve earned them with my cappuccino habit). Recently, one of the songs was Lady Antebellum’s “Just A Kiss”. I always download these free songs – you never know. This song is such country-tinged pop, but the melody gets stuck in my head constantly.  Can’t help it.

6. The Princess’s pinky finger is pretty much healed the way it should. Whew.

7. I wish caffeine made me feel more awake. I like cappuccinos, but, I don’t feel particularly any more awake once I’ve had caffeine. Today, I had a pain reliever with caffeine, a cappucino, and a mug of tea and I just wanted to fall asleep at my desk, except… I felt like my heart would explode. Whoops.

8. I got to go outside during my lunch hour today – what a beautiful fall day. Mild temperatures and blue skies. THIS is my favorite time of year.

9. Competitive gymnastics season starts next month for The Princess – it’s a fun thing – but I hate the unpredictability and last-minute-nature of the schedule. All compete dates are listed as “Saturday or Sunday” for their given weekend, and often we don’t find out until the week of which date it is. SURELY they could come up with a better system than this. (It drives me crazy)

10. Painting your nails before starting to type a blog post is a stupid thing to do. Don’t do that.

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  1. The weather here is gorgeous, too!

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