Thursday Ten: I HEART NY Edition

1. I didn’t tell y’all I was going to New York last weekend, but I WENT TO NEW YORK LAST WEEKEND. Hard to believe a week ago tomorrow I was boarding a plane to spend four days in glorious sunny NYC, but I did. I love the energy of NY – and while I love big cities, they each have their own vibe and their own energy. I traveled with my mom (and lived to tell about it!) and saw so much of the city. It was fun.
Bow Bridge

2. Today at work, I moved to a NEW DESK. You wouldn’t think it warrants all caps, but it totally does. Know why? Because that new desk, while still distinctly cubicle-esque, is not at all like a fishbowl. I was pretty amazed at how much easier it is to work without the constant traffic of people around me. Remember, I’m used to working from home, and can go into hermit-mode while I’m working easily (and not mind at all). Bonus? I’m by a window now. If the sun ever comes out again, it’s going to be nice.

3. Pumpkin has been home from school for a few days with a fever and a cough. She’s on track for going back tomorrow (fever free for 24 hours – WHOO!), but those days when she was sick and sleepy and mopey? That was tough. Know what else is tough? I’m getting her cooties now. Bring on the popsicles.

4. So, I was one  of the bajillion people downloading iOS 5 last night. Took awhile, but I’ve got it. Seems pretty okay so far. I even set a location based reminder to myself this morning – so when I left my driveway and got about a mile down the road, my phone told me “Go to work!” Awww, man… do I hafta?

5. My sister’s 20 week ultrasound is scheduled for two weeks from now – two weeks! Can’t wait to see if the baby cooperates and I can find out if I’ll be having a niece or a nephew. I’m also very excited to be part of the plan to surprise the rest of the family with the baby’s gender — I’ll be going along to photograph my sister (with something pink or something blue) immediately following the ultrasound. We’ll then hurry up and print pictures so they can deliver them to grandparents-to-be. SO. EXCITED.

6. I wore a super fun dress to the wedding in NY this weekend. It was a sassy sequined dress from Express. What I didn’t anticipate about this dress? Sequin wounds. The skin on the underside of my arms is scratched and in some cases scabby from the sequins rubbing against my arms all night. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT? (Well, you will…now)

7. Today on my cappuccino cup, it had the standard writing “1/2 S, 1/2 N” and “C” and then…. “WC“. Uh… no whip? Who puts whipped cream on a cappuccino? Anyway, the drink was right, but – I’m not sure when someone will tell the new girl that she doesn’t have to specify “no whip” on a whipless drink.

8. ArtPrize is over and done and much of the art is gone too. The streets are quieter, less congested, and my phone gets better reception downtown than it has IN WEEKS.

9. And, again – no new music. What is your favorite song this week?

10. I’ve just barely managed to finish this before Project Runway comes on. You know I can’t write a blog when Project Runway is on.

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  1. Hate sequin wounds.

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