Thursday Ten: ALL THE TACOS ARE FOR ME Edition

1. This morning I saw a post on AdRants about an app that uses your phone’s GPS location to find all the taco places near you. Oh yeah, you know I downloaded that. Also thinking I need to arrange a pub crawl but with tacos instead of beer. Apparently there’s really such a thing…for people who ride bikes. But I don’t want to ride bikes. I just want to wear stretchy pants and eat tacos until I pass out in the middle of a sidewalk somewhere.

2. After several days of “Pumped Up Kicks” stuck in my head, I have decided I hate it. I have listened to another song by Foster the People and have decided I hate that, too. So if you didn’t know it, now you know. (And knowing is half the battle…)

3. I went to another seminar about social media the other day for work. Let me say this – I am afraid that there is no such thing as a meaningful seminar about social media that is geared towards business people. Basically, they teach social media as if you have been using smoke signals for communication up until now and you might be able to find Twitter if you can figure out how to start your computer. Now, I’d never call myself a maven (mostly because that word is freaking dumb), but, I’m fairly savvy-ish. So basically… I went to the seminar for the lunch. And the change of scenery.

4. Tomorrow is an exciting day! My sister will have her 20 week ultrasound in the morning – and while it’s a bigger deal for her and my brother-in-law, as a first time aunt, I’m pretty excited too. I’ll be waiting outside for them to come out and immediately taking some pictures afterwards – which is how they’ll announce to family and friends (via pink or blue) the gender of their baby. Can’t wait.

5. It was a cold gloomy morning so I decided to go for a walk for some coffee at lunch time. I didn’t realize until I stepped outside that it had started sprinkling. No matter, I didn’t melt. It was nice to get outside. The downside is that the cappuccino I picked up was so awful that I ended up throwing it away, half full. THEN, mid-afternoon, I ended up fishing it out of my trash and walking it down the hall to throw it away (again!) because the smell was grossing me out. #CappuccinoFail

6. Last Thursday night, I busted my fanny to make a video for a project for work. Video production? Not my wheelhouse. I did it, got it done, and it was kinda sorta not horrible… but… when your only production tools are Windows Movie Maker and iPhone Voice Memos (to record audio) – it’s a low tech endeavor that is somewhat painful. Oh well. Live and learn.

7. I am watching the Project Runway finale. The only show I’ve managed to watch lately.

8. Tomorrow the kids celebrate Halloween at school. Not Monday, which is ACTUALLY HALLOWEEN. But tomorrow. When did that start, that celebrating Halloween on Not-Halloween?

9. I am teaching myself DreamWeaver at work – because I need to and because I hadn’t used it in TEN PLUS years. I’m happy to say that in the Sarah vs. DreamWeaver throw down today, I emerged victorious. Thank god.

10. The Princess’s math homework had her in tears tonight. The kid can spell almost anything (her current spelling list includes “lexicographer” – and she picks her own spelling words!) – but occasionally she gets this block with math. Even if she understands the basic principle – the execution trips her up. It’s really awful to see, because things usually come easily to her, and yet she dissolves into tears and is truly miserable. Fortunately a friend had her math whiz kiddo call to walk me through some ways to help The Princess – and we got through the assignment but right now we both really hate prime numbers.

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  1. 2. Mat Kearney performed “Pumped Up Kicks” with his opening band, Leagues at the Nashville concert. And from what I can tell from the reviews that have come in, he did so at all the other concerts as well, so I bet you’ll hear it, too! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it way more than Foster The People’s version. (:

    6. You need a Mac w/ iMovie. #justsayin (I lurve it!)

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