Thursday Ten: A Smattering of Stuff While I Procrastinate Edition

1. October, as you know, is breast cancer awarenness month. It’s a cause that means a lot to me, and one that I pay attention to twelve months out of the year – not just October. But some cool finds this month include the YOUR MAN REMINDER phone app (early detection, y’all, it helps – this video is hilarious). Also, you know I’ll be doing the 39.3 mile walk again. I’ll be in Boston next spring. Want to donate to support me? Click through and donate – every donation helps.

2. New music this week. I was wrong last week, I HAD BOUGHT NEW MUSIC. DUH. New Ryan Adams album. And it’s lovely. This week I’ve also picked up the latest few songs from Chris Mann – which is totally Chris (and I love it all – even the song that’s not in English – no idea what the hell he’s singing, but he sings it so pretty). Also, this song from Lisa Hannigan.

3. I missed book club last week. They picked a book I have tried to read but gave up on because I hated it. So, uh. Yeah. I have to give it another try. I can’t just participate when they pick my choices. Sigh.

4. I’ve been sick for over a week and my one conclusion is: Zicam is stupid. It shortens the life of your cold, they say. HOW DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG YOUR COLD WOULD HAVE LASTED WITHOUT ZICAM? Oh, I’m such an idiot, I fell for it.

5. I picked up the latest Rolling Stone magazine – Steve Jobs is on the cover, and I couldn’t help but morbidly think… how long have they had that article written, just… waiting? It’s sad, right? Blergh.

6. Ever since I got a workspace with a window, the sun hasn’t come out. THE SKY WILL BE GRAY FOREVER.

7. I spell gray with an A. I think it looks better.

8. I survived my 35th birthday. In fact, I feel younger today than I did on Sunday. How can that even be? Dinner with the family involved muchas tacos and a brownie sundae and I felt like I would explode. But so yummy. How can one be angsty while eating a brownie sundae? (You can’t)

9. Oy, the Halloween candy is starting to appear on the desks of co-workers. I am trying so so much to resist. I gave in and had an itty bitty tiny Twix today. It was SO DELISH. I love sugar.

10. Today is spirit day. I didn’t wear purple today (I forgot), but my support is with the cause today and always. Spirit Day is to show support of LGBT youth and to speak out against the bullying. Were you wearing purple today?

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