Thursday Ten: I’m A Rotten Bartender Edition

1. As I type this, I am sipping on a far from professional style Cosmopolitan in a plastic cup.  Why? I am toasting some good news my friend got today. Hopefully she celebrated with a cocktail hours ago – but I’m happy for her. So cheers. This drink tastes like paint thinner.

2. The girls have received their teacher selection letters for the coming school year and I’m curious to see how this new year will go. Pumpkin has a teacher that The Princess had a few years ago – so she’s a “known entity”. I’m still a bit concerned how it might go – they might not be the best fit. The Princess’s teacher is a self professed lover of technology – so I have a feeling I might like her – or at least I’ll be able to relate to her. I half hope my kid’s class has a Twitter account. That would be fun.

3. One of my new favorite websites to check out daily is The Daily Shoot. The photo prompts are great for the days when I’m lacking in inspiration.

4. Last night I dreamed I was standing on the beach in Muskegon in a lightning storm, watching the ferry pull away from the dock while I was trying to photograph the flashes of lightning. Then I was at my sister’s house. And then there was pie – a chocolate pie and a Heath bar pie. I don’t know what any of that means. (I wonder how dream Sarah’s pictures came out – I’ve never tried to shoot lightning).

5. Today I went out to lunch with my mom – we had an awesome lunch at a local Mexican restaurant. And I got…tacos. I had forgotten that I had pork tacos in the slow cooker at home so that dinner would be ready when I got here, so dinner was…tacos. It was a good day for tacos.

6. My current favorite nail color? Gray. I know, right? It sounds bizarre – but I really like it. I don’t love traditional polish colors – and tend towards dark or funky colors. Love it.

7. I have a wedding to go to this fall. I don’t really think I’ll wear this dress – A) because I don’t own this, and B) because I’m not naive enough to think I could buy and wear a strapless dress and wear it for an extended period of time without having a major wardrobe malfunction. But I need a dress. For a wedding. And I don’t know what to buy. The bride… ah, the bride. I have known her since we were leeeeetle. And I’m kind of surprised her wedding doesn’t have a theme. That requires costume. So who knows, maybe a butterfly dress would work.

8. I gave up on stylish shoes for work today and went in wearing Nike mary janes. OH MY GOSH. My feet were so much happier. I’m still trying to get used to “dressing up” for work. Working from home, I sure didn’t wear shoes if I didn’t have to. It’s difficult to adjust.

9. This afternoon, I decided to take a picture using Camera +. Of all my smart phone photo apps, this is the one I use least… and why? It’s a pretty handy little app! What are your favorite photo apps?

10. I was going to post a vlog today. I even shot a short video in the parking garage this morning. But you know what? There’s dim lighting and there’s creepy parking garage lighting. So, yeah. No go. Soon. Probably. Maybe. We’ll see.

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  1. So glad to know about The Daily Shoot!

    Love the dress.

    I’m a crappy bartender, too.

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