Thursday Ten: Don’t Mess With My Commute Edition

1. Soooo… President Obama was in West Michigan today. If you thought I was going to get all political up in this space, you don’t know me very well. Lemme just say, I was a teeny tiny bit concerned that Mr President’s return trip to the airport might get in the way of my evening commute. You don’t want to get in the way of my evening commute. But, fortunately… I think he took a helicopter back to the airport. And it was well before the 5 o’clock drive. Thank you, Mr President.

2. After a rotten night of sleep last night, I decided to try a 5 Hour Energy shot at work this afternoon. It didn’t work. It tasted awful, like it was melting the enamel off my teeth, and then it made my head feel weird, and then I got really queasy. So, uh, I was way worse off after taking it than I was before I took it. Evil crap.

3. It’s Project Runway night. Yay.

4. Twice this week I’ve gone shopping with my daughters to pick up new clothes for work. I just need them – my work at home attire doesn’t really translate to a professional office. Monday, I bought the shirt The Princess picked, last night I bought the shirt Pumpkin picked. One was distinctly more my style. Today’s shirt, as my mom said, “Doesn’t look like YOU at all.” Nope, it didn’t, but it was fun and funky and was on sale, so… whatever.

5. Being outside of the house means that I’ve had a bit of a change of scenery to take pictures of new places and new things. When I remember to bring my camera. My point and shoot is getting a lot more play these days because I haven’t felt like lugging my dslr into work every day. Maybe next week I’ll take it again.

6. Today I started teaching myself Adobe InDesign. It (along with PhotoShop) is on my computer, and the deparment uses it for a lot of stuff. Frankly, I didn’t do too badly with my first attempt at creating a document, so I’m pretty excited. And I hardly had to bug anyone (too much!) to figure out what I was doing.

7. Today my brother turns 37. Though I’ve always felt like the older sister, it’s nice to know that chronologically I’m STILL YOUNGER.

8. Just under six weeks until ArtPrize. Who’s excited? I AM. This piece was my favorite in last year’s Art Prize and didn’t even make the top ten. It’s called VESSEL and it’s by an artist named Amanda Katz. I went to see this piece at the Meijer Garden probably FIVE times over the few weeks of Art Prize. Loved it.
25 | 365

9. I had a manicure done a week and a half ago with the shellac polish that is not supposed to chip and is supposed to last two weeks. It was so chipped by Monday I peeled it all off. Now my poor fingernails are naked. So sad.

10. Has school started where you are? Seems like a lot of people were sending kids back to school this week – not in Michigan… we have another few weeks of summer.

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