I May Need Another Two Hours of Sleep But My Lips Look Great

I am tired. After spending over a week out of state and a week trying to unbury myself from the hole that being gone for eleven days puts you in, I am trying to figure out what’s what, who’s who, and OH MY GOSH WHY IS SUMMER THREE HUNDRED YEARS LONG?

But. Anyway.

I returned from California to a few great packages of Avon stuff on my front porch for me to try out and tell y’all about. In case you didn’t catch it on Twitter, I’m one of the Brand Ambassadors for Avon – which I kind of love because given my involvement with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer? I’m already kind of in love with the company.

So, here I am, home from California with some great stuff to try out (including a concealer that made my gruesome nose sunburn look a little less Rudolph the RedNose Reindeer and a little more…human). Fact of the matter is that generally in the summer, my already minimal makeup routine gets knocked down a few pegs and is even more grounded on simplicity than ever. Why? Well, I’m spending my days refereeing two kids – and when the temperatures ratchet their way up into the 80s and 90s, I just want to sit in the AC and try to avoid melting!

But… I don’t like to have a completely blank palette. I may skip everything else in a makeup routine (and summer months call for tinted moisturizer, mascara and sometimes a light swoop of brown eyeliner), but I want it to look intentional, not lazy.

So, I’m kinda digging the Avon SuperSHOCK liquid lipshine (They sent me Red Radiance and Melon Madness to try out). Both colors I received look VERY BRIGHT in the tube – almost scarily so – but applied? They are very wearable. In the pic above I have on Red Radiance. I love it – AND I NEVER WEAR RED. This gloss doesn’t feel too sticky (your hair WILL stick in it if the wind blows, though. Sorry), doesn’t have an overly fruity taste or an overly chemical taste (Oh, come on – you know you taste your lip gloss too), and with SPF 15, your beautiful and shiny lips get some protection from the big mean sun (your justification for wearing lip gloss at the beach).


As an Avon ambassador, I was sent product for review and will be compensated for this post, the opinions expressed within are my own, as always.

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  1. Pretty.

    I NEVER wear red and am forever on the hunt for a good lipgloss. They ALL seem to either make your hair stick to your lips, make your lips sticky and dry feeling or disappear in a minute.

    Beautiful color on a gorgeous girl.

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