Thursday Ten: Summer’s Nearly Here Edition

1. Okay, weather aside, you know it’s almost summer when you send your kindergartner off for her LAST DAY OF SCHOOL and your third grader is off for her last two half days. Yep, as of tomorrow at noon – SCHOOL’S OUT. Until sometime in September (stupid Michigan tourism law) – we’ll have to find ways to fill our days and get things done and not go crazy. I’m not good with coming up with activities – there’s only so many watercolors you can do or trips to the park you can take (to me, there’s a limit on park trips – especially when it’s hot outside) – so, here we go.

2. Sometimes I cannot even explain my ear worms. Today? For some strange reason, I’ve had the Gin Blossoms “The Cajun Song” stuck in my head. Nothing says 1993 to me like the Gin Blossoms.

3. I am trying a new to-do list app on my phone – Teux Deux (I hate cutesy spellings). I am a pen and paper to-do list kind of girl, so this is a big step for me. I love the UI though, and I’m hoping that having my to-do list with me all the time (because face it, I go nowhere without my phone) will help me ensure I don’t forget things as often (LIKE I DID YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS SUPPOSED TO PICK UP MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY GIFT).

4. Speaking of my mom’s birthday (like that segue there?), I got an idea in my head that I was going to make cheesecake on a stick for her birthday party and after a trial run the other day, I have to say… dang, I’m good. It was good. It’s going to be AHHHHHHHHH-MAZE-ING. Yeah. I’ll post pictures of my “Sarah is such a rockstar she put cheesecake on a stick and made it better than it already was” cheesecake on a stick.

5. If you haven’t been following, this month Love Drop is helping a metro-Detroit area family who is grieving the loss of their husband/father. The goal is to pay the family’s rent for the next three months – to ease their worry of losing their home and giving them the time to just focus on healing. You can join Love Drop for as little as a buck a month and make a huge difference – or you can click the red button on the Love Drop home page to make a one time donation to the family. Have I mentioned I love the idea of micro-giving – love that if a bunch of people give just a dollar, it adds up to really help people out in a big way.

6. On Sunday, I ventured to Chicago to see my Avon Walk team cross the finish for their two day walk. I opted out of Chicago’s event this year because I’ll be walking with them in San Francisco. I was glad to be there with them as they finished two days of intense walking… and now? I’m REALLY looking forward to the SF walk. Can’t wait!

7. I have a lot of bruschetta to make for my mom’s birthday celebration. A LOT. It’s the only thing I can really “cook” – and it doesn’t really involve much cooking. I’m kind of known for it in my family – which is funny because I got the recipe from someone on Twitter, and I just managed to not mangle it too horribly.

8. What is the one household chore you most procrastinate? Me? FOLDING LAUNDRY. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

9. I was already given the school supply list for The Princess for fourth grade in the fall. I appreciate that there really is no way teachers can buy all of this stuff for the classrooms and school budgets are looking pretty sad, but this is a pretty hefty list. And I will probably ignore it until the end of August. Hell, I’ll probably have lost it by then.

10. I have a huge stack of books from the library – it’s rare that they have so many of the new books I want to read on the shelves. I just cracked open Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture – and I’ll probably pick up something else to read at the same time. According to Good Reads, I’ve already got 3 books going right now – including one that I have had stuffed under my nightstand for over a month (Thousand Splendid Suns, I’m talkin’ to you). This isn’t uncommon. I usually read more than one book at once. Are you reading anything good?

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