Thursday Ten: FINALLY IT’S SPRING edition

1. I’m talking about the weather again. It’s what I do. Finally, after that gruesome blistering 90+ degree weather last week, spring rolled in this week with some beautiful sunny days. Yeah, we got some rain too, but those gorgeous sun-filled blue-skied days? EXCELLENT.

2. School has been out a week almost, and so far we are…surviving. Sure, the kids are bored. I’m not great with coming up with activities – seems like locally there’s not much to do but get in the car and go not local. A trip to our nearby library yesterday (not my library of choice) evolved into a game of “dodge the yelling boys who don’t seem to have a parent nearby paying attention to them”. No fun.

3.  New music this week? After “The Book of Mormon” got lots of Tony attention, Amazon had the soundtrack on sale for under two bucks – so I picked it up. Admittedly, I haven’t listened to it in its entirety – OR IN ORDER – but I will. I’ll report back. I have a trip to NYC this fall – so, I’m not sure if this is worth checking out while I’m there.

4. I had my first interview yesterday – and I realized how much I hate the process of interviewing. Some people thrive on the whole interview experience, but… not me. It’s hard for me to say, “I am pretty awesome and I would be an incredible asset to your organization and you would be seriously remiss in not snatching me from the jaws of unemployment and giving me a paycheck…pronto.” But… I’m trying. Part of the whole unemployment process has made me realize there’s a great deal of things I do well – and when I find the right place and they find me – work is going to be this productive, amazing experience. And not at all soul-sucking.

5. I’m sure you’ve seen this already – but it’s been my biggest giggle of the week.  Love “The Whole Foods Parking Lot” – you’ve probably seen it on Facebook, at least five times. But, yeah.

6. Pumpkin’s reading skills are improving in leaps and bounds – it’s amazing to see the difference from where she was a year ago. As she read to me in the car the other day, my mind was blown by the words she was sounding out. Yay! Another reader.

7. The best thing Netflix Instant has ever given me was the entire series of My So Called Life. I’ve been watching episode after episode the past few nights and it brings back so many memories! Oh! Jordan’s dyslexic! This is when Rayanne ODs! Sigh. Love it.

8. Along those lines, it was way easier to be a teenager girl in the age of grunge when baggy jeans and flannel shirts were “the style”. Way easier than low slung jeans and fitted tops. I’m glad I got to grow up being able to breathe in my clothing!

9. I bought a bottle of body wash at Target the other day. I won’t tell you the brand because I’m about to tell you how weird it smells and I don’t want to be mean. It’s not its fault – someone probably really likes the way this smells. This bodywash, however, smells like someone took one of every color gumball in a gumball machine, half-chewed them all and stuck them together. Yeah. It’s a weird fruity smell. That’s how I smell right now: weird fruity.

10. In the spirit of summer and hobo-style, I have done my hair and worn make up exactly once this week (yep, for my interview).  I should probably get it together and at least knock it off with the ponytail thing because I look a little bit like I’ve given up on being presentable in public… though it gives me a great deal more time to ref my daughters’ arguments.

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  1. Now I can’t go to a whole foods parking lot without getting real. Real broke.

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