Thursday Ten – Cinco de Taco Edition

1. Some of you may know that I kinda sorta love tacos a little bit – not just any tacos. I make horrible tacos. It goes along with that not being able to cook thing. So, it’s Cinco de Mayo and I have absolutely zero taco plans. I’m kind of bummed. Also – I think I need chips and salsa. Also, I know there’s a real purpose to Cinco de Mayo but for me, it’s pretty much all about the tacos. I’m sorry.

2. The weather is GORGEOUS today (Yes. I’m talking about the weather again. Shush. You know you like it). It’s in the low 60s, the sun is shining.

3. The downside to this gorgeous weather? Everyone is mowing their lawns. Ugh. And achoo.

4. You know how when you have a great hair stylist and she quits your salon and goes somewhere else and you want to follow that stylist to her new salon and she can’t really give that info out because they’re not technically supposed to poach clients from the old salon and drag them to the new one? (Some of you are shaking your heads at me like, What are you talking about, Sarah? But really. It’s true. That happens.) Well, that same thing applies to guitar teachers I guess – and my awesome teacher is leaving. Boo. And… she’s open to doing private lessons – but… I have to do a few months with a new teacher who is not her so it doesn’t look like, “Hey, she’s stealing clients.” Which sucks. I’m really kind of worried that whoever I end up seeing for lessons for the next few months will not be as much fun. Ugh. Also, whine.

5. Houston, we may have a problem. Check this page from a mother’s day card from Pumpkin. She has since assured me that I do have other redeeming qualities – but I’m sure the teacher got a laugh out of this one.

6. I’m trying to find a new mother’s helper for the summer. It’s not easy – I don’t even know how to FIND a babysitter. And are you allowed to ask them if they have a problem with prescription drug abuse or if they sniff glue? Because I don’t one of those kids watching MY kids.

7. I finally bought a new pair of running shoes the other day. I put them on and my feet felt so happy. I then went through the motions of trying on several other pair, but went back to the first (Adidas, by the way). They are the Adidas Liquid RS – and mine are white with some cute periwinkle/purple laces. They are the most COMFORTABLE shoes. I try not to worry about spending money (to a degree) when it comes to my running/workout shoes because I know that I’ll be sorry if I don’t have happy feet.

8. Speaking of shoes, The Princess wants a pair of Chucks. Far be it from me to have issues with that (since y’all know I love mine) – but the problem is that she’s on this weird cusp of shoe size mess. You see, she’s needing a size 4. That’s at the top of the youth shoe size range and the bottom of the women shoe size range and I’m having a difficult time finding the shoes. Sigh. Guess I’ll order direct from Converse.

9. I have ย long been a fan of the yellow rose – they’re my favorite – but I bought myself some gerbera daisies the other day that make me want to rethink my flower philosophy. I just rinsed out a frappuccino bottle for a vase and popped it on my windowsill (next to a rosemary plant and a basil plant). The bit of brightness makes me smile.

10. Some month’s book club choices are just… not good. This month’s selection, The Postmistress, has NOT been an enjoyable read for me so far – and it’s taking me a long time to slog through it. I can’t WAIT to finish it and move on to something else. Anyone reading anything good right now?

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  1. My son said the best thing I do with him is watch brain surge…so, um at least you get coffee. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i still love that picture. probably my fave of your ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve gotten my kids converse from Journey’s Kidz online. They carry the tween sizes. Delivery has always been good. I’ve been pleased.

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