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Note: I developed a habit in college of writing with my screen turned off — not really paying attention to the words, just figuring if I could get the words out first, I’d edit them into something coherent later.  So… That’s what I’m doing now. While I can’t turn the screen off (that I know of, I probably can but I’m too lazy to look it up), you’ll basically get a few minutes of brain spew. You’ll see how it is up in that brain of mine – like little hamsters running around all around up in there. It’s scary. Really. Are you ready? Here goes.


Sometimes a craving for cake will strike me out of the blue. I don’t even really like cake – but tonight, I was craving cake. Not just something sweet – I’d had a granola bar and was still thinking I needed something a little bit more…cakier… but CAKE. My friend had passed on that Nutella in a coffee mug cake recipe to me the other day. That cake, THAT is going to be the death of me… or the death of being able to fit into my pants.

But yum.

The weather is gray here. I spell gray with an a, gray. Some people don’t. Grey. How do you decide which way you’ll spell it? I prefer it with the a – is it a regional thing? Something that varies by country?

That Nutella cake requires a big glass of milk. Preferably really cold.

I saw a bit of Extreme Couponing tonight. Those people kind of scare me – makes me wonder how much time they spend on the whole coupon thing. All that research and planning? Bleh. And so help me if I ever end up behind one of them in the grocery store. I mean – I wonder, do you just watch the whole process impatient and annoyed or do you feed off their excitement, I wonder. Every clip I saw required the store management to intervene somehow, and I just picture standing in line, twenty minutes later wondering why in the hell anyone needs 58 packages of string cheese at once.

I have a stack of pictures in frames that need to be hung up. It’s been months and I keep framing my favorite shots and I keep stacking the pile higher and yet my photo wall isn’t even started. I can’t pick a wall – isn’t that crazy? In my head, I can visualize what picture I want placed where. I can even tell which pictures I haven’t yet framed but need to – but I have no idea what wall I’m visualizing. Seems like there’s not the space I need in a place where anyone else will see them.


Time’s up.

How’s that for random-slash-pointless?

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  1. Grey – the colour. Gray – the personal name. I think it might also be a regional/county thing, as you know we spell a great many things differently in the UK.

    I am going to get myself a decent photo printer and start printing and hanging some of my photos, I never see them off the screen, all I need is the decent printer and the money to buy it.

  2. I LOVE posts like this. There’s something more honest, and open about them.

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