Thursday Ten: When Your Kid Makes a Cake and the Dog Eats It Edition

1. I took the kids to Barnes & Noble last week. After much hemming and hawing (and an epic shower of tears) in the store, The Princess opted for two books on cake and cupcake decoration. And so this week, she made a cake. Yesterday, the dog jumped on the counter and proceeded to eat half the cake. Thankfully, there was no chocolate in the cake and I talked to the vet who told me to watch for “GI upset” — but the darn dog didn’t seem upset at all. Not even a little bloated (NO FAIR! I’d have bloated if I ate half a cake). My upset kiddo decided, “Okay. Guess I need to make another one.” So she did. Yep. I have a baker.

2. Though the weather in Michigan has been sporadic and we have had snow as recently as this Monday, I have been getting kind of tired on Pumpkin’s insistence on wearing her snowboots every day and everywhere. I’d tell her to wear her regular shoes. She’d whine. So… I hid the boots. I know, in the overall scheme of things, it’s not a huge deal but those boots have been through a lot and are looking kind of rough. They had to go.

3. This month’s book club selection is “Water for Elephants”. I’ve read it before, but loved it – which was why I didn’t mind the prospect of re-reading it…however… I’ve dropped the ball. I’ve been so busy lately that when I am reading, I want to read something NEW, not something I’ve already read – no matter how great it is. Here’s hoping next month’s selection is something different.

4. This week marks 21 years that I have lived in Michigan. Whee. Thanks, mom, for moving me to the land of never-ending winters. Eternally grateful I am. (Not so much)

5. Been spending a lot of time with the camera lately – in the past few weeks, I’ve done a few portrait sessions – and both have been such tremendously different experiences. Probably the most fun was photographing a two-year-old. I had FORGOTTEN just how high energy toddlers can be – I certainly got my workout chasing that little guy. On the contrary, when photographing a baby’s six-month shots last weekend, it wasn’t so much running around, it was clicking quickly before she tired of the experience. Every shoot is a different experience, and I’m really happy with the opportunities I’ve had and the photographs I’ve taken.

6. Tuesday evening, a friend was in town and she and I were able to catch up over dinner. We ended up talking so long the restaurant emptied around us. I ended up driving home in a tremendous rain storm – one that I might have avoided had I left the restaurant an hour earlier, but you know what? Sometimes you just need to sit down over dinner with people and talk and catch up and listen and just…chill out. It was super fun. Except the driving home part.

7. Guitar lesson today, we are keeping on with the Jack Johnson marathon with “Better Together”. Hey, Jack? You are wicked cute – but ix-nay on all the bar chords. I walked out of lesson pretty smiley and with this song stuck in my head.

8. Easter is this weekend. How do you celebrate, and more importantly are you Pro-Peep? Do you prefer the Cadbury egg? I have to say, I find Easter candy pretty disappointing in general.

9. There’s been a lot of new music in my ear but the most recent is Ingrid Michaelson’s “Parachute”.  I love Ingrid.

10. It has been a crazy week with crazy deadlines and I feel like I’ve been barely hanging on. I’m getting things done. In some cases, it’s been a miracle. Ready for this week to be over. O – V – E – R.


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  1. I’m with ya on the candy thing. I’m most unimpressed. I thought I had just become a fancy candy snob.. thanks for making me feel half normal. Because of my dislike of it, I have a hard time with the concept of holidays that seem to revolve around candy. Maybe the Easter Bunny needs to bring apples and carrots and mom should get a new juicer. HA!

  2. Your daughter must have been so upset when the dog scoffed her cake. I think she must be like my 16, once they are a baker there’s no going back.

  3. At least Jack Johnson is fun ear candy. And you have cake! Happy Easter.

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