Thursday Ten: Spring Break Broke Me Edition

1. It’s kind of fun to have spent a week on spring break so far and have my daughters decide that they will either be best friends or they will be snarling at each other throwing ‘bows. Admittedly, when they fight? I really REALLY hate that. The “she said THIS” and “she PUSHED ME” moments make me want to cry. And then… five minutes later they’re BFFs again. It’s really…tiring.

2. Katie’s LOVE DROP may be over, but I am still really loving the group and what they’re doing. This month, they’re helping the Kahlen Family – and to help them out, they’ve opened up a store on Etsy with some cool donated art stuff to help them out. Love it. If you are interested in purchasing some cool stuff, check it out. If you are an artist and want to donate, check out this link.

3. Sometimes I make myself laugh. I have no real NEED for an iPad 2. I have gadgets that do everything that the iPad does and yet… I still lust after technology. Part of me thinks, I can get the OLD iPad for crazy cheap now… I should just do it. I’m just a goof ball. I should probably focus on replacing this laptop first.

4. SPEAKING OF THIS LAPTOP… I finally replaced the battery because it hasn’t been able to hold a charge in like… forever. I’d unplug it to move it from one room to another and in that time, it would just decide, “Nope, that was enough. I’m tired now.” and the computer would shut down. Pffffffft. Fine, fine, fine. Battery replaced. Ouch.

5. I was supposed to do a portrait session for my cousin’s kiddo today. Little dude just turned two, and true to toddler nature, on picture day he bumped into something and goose-egged his forehead. So, I have the afternoon free of photo sessions. Honestly though, I was looking forward to it. Maybe next week.

6. Over the weekend, one of my favorite music-maker-y people, Chris Mann, posted that he had a new song available on iTunes. “Beautiful Life” is classic Chris – his voice gives me goosebumps – the good goosebumps. I have found this song stuck in my head repeatedly over the past week. I love the melody, and this song already has an absurdly high number of plays in my iTunes. Check it out.

7. My kids make lists of songs for me to download and make mix CDs for them with. My most recent list from Pumpkin included several Lady Gaga songs (My library now includes “Born This Way” which makes me want to scream. I do. not. like.) and The Princess just requested some Justin Bieber. Oh so fun.

8. Spring break means no guitar lesson this week. Sad face. You’d think I would practice anyway. Well, then you’d be wrong.

9. Once Pumpkin’s antibiotics were done, her fever and cough immediately rebounded. Would be nice if the doctor had called me back today as promised. *SIGH* Guess I’ll cross my fingers and hope to get a call back tomorrow.

10. I have a cake cooling on the counter. It’s funny how you wouldn’t think cake could talk and yet there it is down there, calling my name so softly, “Sarah… Sarah… You don’t even need to add any icing. Just tear off a piece and tryyyyy meeeeeeeee….” What? Your cakes don’t talk to you?

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  1. My kitchen talks to me all the time. It shuts up once I’ve made the cake/cookies/brownies, etc.

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