Thursday Ten: The COUCH IS NOT A CHEW TOY Edition

1. I just got back from Target. At Target, I bought a bunch of rawhide bones and chew toys for the puppy because IF HE DOESN’T STOP CHEWING UP MY SOFA I AM GOING TO GO NUTS. I think he’s just very bored (aren’t we all? Winter has gone on long enough) but… I would like to have some furniture left by the time the snow melts.

2. Music I’m loving these days? Jill&Kate. They are singer-songwritery, former backup singers for Kelly Clarkson. They even blog. I love when they mash up one of their songs with Jann Arden’s “Insensitive”. They have EPs available on Amazon and iTunes.

3. We wrapped up Mat Kearney’s “Closer To Love” this week in guitar lessons. We have moved on to Jack Johnson because I’m kind of sucktastic at the bar chords, yet. So, “BANANA PANCAKES” here I come.

4. I woke up to snow flurries outside this morning. Here’s a memo for winter: BE OVER. BE OVER NOW. PLEASE BE OVER FOREVER.

5. March is apparently National Reading Month – the elementary schools are celebrating big time, which is awesome. I love reading and think it’s fun and awesome and think it’s something kids should be encouraged to do from a young age – it’s not just educational, but FUN. Speaking of reading, I’m reading fluff now. The new Jodi Picoult book, “Sing You Home” is what I’ve been reading. It comes with a soundtrack – which I find odd. The melodies of the songs are actually quite pretty – but the voice? Meh.

6. Yesterday, I was thrilled to have gotten to watch a live stream on the internet of the shuttle Discovery’s landing. Amazing. I love technology. I love how you are able to see things as they happen – important things, history being made in front of your eyes. It’s not just blogs and Facebook, y’all. Technology brings history. Pretty freakin’ cool.

7. Starbucks dropped a new logo the other day in conjunction with their 40th birthday. I love it. I hated when Gap tried to change theirs (I’m still not sure that wasn’t just a publicity stunt). But the new Starbucks logo? I love it. I love the white space on the cups. I love that I overthink the Starbucks logo. I’m such a dork.

8. With the snow falling this morning, I thought I might try to indulge my need for cheap sundresses from Target. I hate wearing shorts, but I like to wear dresses when the weather warms (I used to wear shorts all the time… the older I get? The MORE I HATE THEM). I didn’t buy any dresses. Or that sweater.

9. I bought a huge tub of fortune cookies from Cost Plus World Market earlier this week. I am hooked on them. They’re small enough and low enough in calories that they nip a sweet tooth in the bud… AND I GET A CRAPPY FORTUNE WITH EVERY COOKIE! Yay. Really. I’m kind of in love with fortune cookies.

10. I admit – I’ve been watching American Idol. Last night, one of the guys sang Ryan Adams’ “Come Pick Me Up” and J-Lo didn’t know it. And “I know a lot of music but I don’t know that”. REALLY J-LO? Pffft. Get with it. And since I’m talking about American Idol, can I just say it strikes me as odd to watch Steven Tyler get these uber-big smiles on his face when people are performing? He’s not supposed to have a real heart. It’s supposed to be mummified and wrapped in cigarette ashes somewhere in his chest cavity.

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