Thursday Ten: IN like a lion Edition

1. Hey, March. I’m not sure you got the memo but this weird weather hooey you’ve got going on right now? You’re sort of supposed to relax, let the sun do its job and just let go of this whole “winter thing”. I’m tired of being cold. To be fair, I’ll give credit where it’s due – your ice display today is rather pretty.
The ice sparkles like glitter when the sun catches it

2. Pumpkin has had a nasty cough for a few days – and I’m grateful for our endlessly refillable liquid Albuterol prescription. Every year she gets this cough – and right now, she’s a pretty uncomfortable kiddo. Well, not right NOW. The Albuterol just kicked in.

3. My iPod Classic has decided it no longer wishes to function. This shouldn’t be a big deal – it was only working sporadically before – but now the stupid thing doesn’t power on AT ALL. WHEE. When I took it in to the Apple Store last month, of course it was working perfectly that day. The Genius complimented me on how well cared for my iPod is, and how I didn’t have a ton of stolen music on it (Uh, thank you?). Now? It doesn’t want to work – and I’m peeved. None of the troubleshooting tips from Apple’s support site are working – so if you’ve BTDT and have “fix it” ideas for it, let me know.

4. It’s hard to type with a five year old in your lap.

5. Musically, I’m loving Bob Schneider’s “40 Dogs”. Still. I can’t remember if I talked about this last week or not. But I love this song.

6. I just finished reading We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver and was completely blown away. It is one of the best – though, bone chilling – books I have read in quite some time. It was difficult to read for long stretches, the subject matter makes it so – but the way the author weaved words together was so beautiful and heartbreaking. I’d definitely recommend it (though I recommend doing as I did and following it up with something lighter – I read a novella by Nick Hornby to sort of “cleanse my palate”, so to speak, from the book that preceded it).

7. Still playing “Banana Pancakes” in guitar lessons. Yeah. Back to working on bar chords.

8. In the scope of posting number 7, I put on Banana Pancakes and have listened to it three times now. Yes, it takes me that long to write these lists. Can’t you see that it’s just raining? There ain’t no need to go outside…

9. I’ve realized in the past few days that I probably totally UNDERUTILIZE Linked In. I basically ignore everything that comes through – because it’s not FUN like Twitter or writing my OH SO FASCINATING blog. Of course, LI actually has a purpose.

10. My daughter just had me put a side-ponytail in her hair, a la 1985. Sure, everything old becomes new again… but somethings ought to just stay in the past. LIKE THE SIDE PONYTAIL.

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  1. Number four made me snort. Out loud. Though I disagree about number ten. Rock on side pony tail!!

  2. I hope your daughter feels better soon, it’s just awful to see your kids sick.

    Also, speedy recovery to your iPod.

  3. My ipod classic is also slowly dying. I’ve had it FOREVER and I love it so much.

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