Thursday Ten: I Maybe Need A Nap Edition

1. Occasionally I get bit with a bout of insomnia and struggle to sleep or stay asleep. This happens particularly in hotels, but I’ve been home the past two nights – I’ve gotten roughly four hours of sleep each night and I’m used to about seven or so. I’m so miserably tired I can’t stand it (or myself).

2. For those of you who stopped by to read my post yesterday – the love letter to myself – thank you. I hope if you haven’t yet written one you will – please come back and let me know, so I can come read it. I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, to wax poetic about how awesome you are… but, but, but! You’re awesome. You can do it. I know you can.

3. In guitar lessons, I continue my post-Blissdom Mat Kearney love fest and am playing more of his stuff.  Why? Well, because DUH, I love Mat Kearney’s music… but also because it happens to be relevant to things I’m learning and things I need to work on (including some chords that are more than a lil’ sloppy).


Me, Mat, Kat & Michelle Branch - Photo by Jana

4. Yesterday, in a need to shake up the monotony, I did a photo scavenger hunt around the house – asking people what I should take pictures of around my house. I kind of like the egg.

5. I got a note from The Princess’s school this week letting me know she was receiving a Character Award today. I love how the school doesn’t tell the kiddo prior – so she was surprised, not only to be getting an award, but to see me.  That was fun.

6. Musically, I’m so far behind the curve and have been on a Ryan Adams kick lately. I love his lyrics – the way he writes is so stark and honest. {Ryan Adams – “Desire”}

7. I have the winter blahs. January is always rotten. February always gets a little bit worse. The cold, the bitter bitter cold. In spring, I am outside breathing fresh air, running, walking, seeing neighbors and faces. Winter feels so solitary. I hate it. Even traditionally warm climates are being hit with this cold YUCKY messy weather. Can’t seem to escape it anywhere this year. Bleh.

8. The SuperBowl – did you watch it? I didn’t. It’s not because I have some huge opposition to sports, but pro football has never really been my thing. In college, watching the SuperBowl used to be assigned homework – oh the joys of a Marketing major taking advertising courses. The only commercial I saw this year was Chrysler’s Eminem/Detroit commercial – and I loved it.

9. Pumpkin’s insistence on waking up early has been pretty consistent over the past five years – the day she was born, she came into the world just before 6 a.m. That she continues to wake at or near 6 daily is still mind boggling though. See also Item One and my insomnia.

10. Everyone in this house has a runny nose at the moment. I had to buy Advil Cold & Sinus last week and had to jump through hoops to purchase a small box from the pharmacy. I’m admittedly rationing them out now – heaven forbid I run out too soon and end up on some pharmaceutical watch list. Look, I’m a mom. I don’t even like to make macaroni and cheese, and I swear to you I won’t cook meth with my Advil. Isn’t that enough?

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  1. love the egg shot! I have the winter blahs, too. It’s really sunny here today but…also only 23 degrees. Um, yeah…

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