Thursday Ten: All Chaotic and Floopy Edition

1. The above is a reference to the television show “Friends” and if I’m remembering correctly, was something Phoebe said (The “word” “floopy” being the clue there…). Anyway, that’s how I’m feeling these days – chaotic and floopy – came home from Nashville to some pretty heinous weather patterns and am on day two of snow days. I’m trying to catch up with work and mother nature keeps getting in the way!

2. I’m just going to put this right here.
Sarah and Chris Mann

Picture lovingly borrowed from Rachel. Most of us first met Chris Mann at Blissdom 2009 – and so he’s been around the block with dealing with us crazy blog ladies for awhile now – so it was so fun to see him again and chat with him and wrangle him into the Blissdom Flashmob. Not only does he have a phenomenal voice (You’ve heard it right?), and not only is he totally adorable (I mean, really, eyes up on that picture? Yeah. Adorbs)… he’s just a nice guy. So, it’s the trifecta. Love him – always good to see him — and I love that Rachel got this shot. I may frame it. Because that’s not at all creepy.

3.I’ll talk more about Blissdom soon – still coming down from the Bliss and processing and missing my friends like crazy. That part stinks – the part when you realize you have gotten nonstop hugs from your friends for nearly a week and then it’s off til next year. I may need a mid-year retreat.

4. Music I’m listening to these days? I downloaded Crystal Bowersox’s “Mason” after seeing Crystal and her husband sing it in Nashville. Gorgeous.

5. I survived my air travel. Kat survived my air travel (I think? Kat, you still here?). The flight to Nashville was a LITTLE ROUGH. I’m sure frequent travelers don’t even bat an eye at turbulence like that but to me? It was like… I don’t know, something horrible. Hours later, my hands finally stopped shaking from the fear. Fortunately, I have another several months until I have to get on a plane again.

6. I made homemade pretzels with the girls today for something snow day and baking related to do (You won’t believe this but I may be cookie’d out). They were really good. I think they needed cheese. But they were good. {Note: I never think anything needs cheese. But these needed a nice savory parmigiano baked into ’em. Yeah.} Maybe they needed cinnamon sugar.

7. Still working on playing Mat Kearney’s “Nothing Left to Lose” in guitar lessons. I would have the damn song down except… F#m. Stupid, stupid F#m.

8. Can we all agree to do the “no more snow day” dance this evening? It’s nothing like the Chicken Dance or the Macarena. It’s just a free-style mess of ridiculousness. It must be performed in your kitchen and it must be danced like no one else is watching – even if everyone is.

9. I went to get coffee this morning and the dude working the Starbucks counter said, “Your usual?” Seriously – I LOVE not having to order stuff. I like when they remember. And yeah. I over-tip if you remember me.

10. I’ve started getting emails from the girls’ teachers about class Valentines’ parties. Are you PRO Valentines Day, or con?

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I love that pic of y’all.
    Yep, Chris is good people.

    I’m glad you had Kat there for you.

    Love you
    Miss you

  2. Sarah, it was so GREAT to meet you and work with you! Glad you made it home safely. I’m thinking turbulence is better than 11 hours in the car. Might be wrong though!

  3. I miss you like crazy (you’re welcome for that earworm!)

    <3 that Mann! He's a fun guy to have around. And that picture of you two is totally frameworthy. 😉


  4. Love me some Chris Mann. Gives good hug. And thanks for the reminder – heading to iTunes to get my Bowersox fix. 🙂

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