Thursday Ten: A Day With Butterflies Edition

1. Sometimes, the day gets off to a rough start and then you open your mail and there’s a butterfly pendant from Lisa from Studio Jewel waiting for you? Ahhhh. That helps. I love this butterfly – which she designed to celebrate our flash mob experience in Nashville. I ordered a silver one – it’s super lovely. It reminds me of friends, fun and nothing says “spring” quite like butterflies, right?

Photo via Studio Jewel

2. And boy, how I need spring. Somewhat of a winter storm dump on Michigan this week – complete with multiple snow days. I’m really ready for sunshine and warmer temperatures again. I can’t take much more of winter. Just. Can’t.

3. The new Adele album is available as of Tuesday. I gave y’all a taste of it last week – the rest of it? Still good. Cannot believe that powerhouse voice. Here, she’s covering “Lovesong” by the Cure. (Note: I love covers of this song better than the original. See also, 311’s cover)

4. As I type this, a file I needed to complete a project for work is about an hour late. Panicking about deadlines a little, yep. That’s me.

5. Professional grade hair straightening irons are no joke. I accidentally picked mine up by the wrong end today (don’t ask, clearly I wasn’t bringing my A-game this morning). I burned my hand, but my hair looks alright.

6. The dog has become QUITE the barker. It’s annoying. How do you train a dog to not bark? Right now, he’s barking out the window – it sounds like a cross between a yappity little purse puppy and a braying donkey.

7. It’s a “binge on Wheat Thins” kind of afternoon. I love Wheat Thins. They are filled with all sorts of things I can’t pronounce and probably shouldn’t want to consume (Uh, vegetable color?) – but I can’t quit them.  My love for them is too strong.

8. Today, I bought socks for the Princess. Adult socks. She’s wearing my socks today – I hope this doesn’t mean that she’s going to have canoes for feet just like I do.

9. One of the most memorable Blissdom moments was doing some karaoke with Kat. I’m not saying we were any good, but it was fun. I love that Lotus got this picture. I’m the one in Chucks.

10. I finally finished The Devil in the White City. COMPLETELY recommend it. If you get bogged down in the first 60 to 100 pages, DO NOT GIVE UP. Perservere – it’s worth it.

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  1. See – now until you said who was who in the Karaoke pic, I would have sworn you were stood next to Captain Jack Sparrow 🙂

  2. i can’t believe i missed this! yay for butterflies and flashmobs and karaoke!


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