For the love of writing.

There are many bloggers out there. There are people who blog about food, politics, photography. There are people who blog about sex, money, business, education. There are people who blog about blogging.

And for all of us out here in this weird little space, not all of us are driven by the same things. Some of us do it because we want some kind of notoriety. Some of us do it because hey, we have a lot of information to offer on that particular topic, thankyouverymuch. Some of us blog because we’re trying to make it rich. [Editorial note: If you’re trying to get rich blogging, know that most people DON’T, and that it’s generally helpful if you also happen to know the difference between you’re and your and that your website shouldn’t look like you threw every piece of animated-GIF bling magic on it because IT WILL MAKE PEOPLE MOTION SICK AND IF THEY ARE MOTION SICK THEY CANNOT READ IT]


And then you have me. And the people who are like me.

The people who write for the pure love of writing. People who write because if we weren’t writing a blog, we’d be writing in journals or on napkins in restaurants. People who write because to not write would be akin to not breathing (though slightly less fatal).

I would fill this space whether anyone was here reading or not.

I would fill this space because to NOT fill this space would be to silence my words and sometimes I HAVE A LOT TO SAY. Granted, sometimes I don’t.

I write when I need to and when the words are there bubbling under the surface needing to find their voice. And I write when I’m happy and I write when I’m hurt. And I write to say hello and I write to say I’m sorry I have been hiding lately.

And I’m glad that you’re here. That you’re reading.

There are so many places in “Teh Internets” where you could spend your time – and I’m grateful to those who stop by my little world and share a few moments in my brain with me (It smells like cookies in here, doesn’t it?). I would write if I was merely talking to myself, but I’m glad sometimes that I’m not.

About sarah

Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. I love this line: because to not write would be akin to not breathing (though slightly less fatal). I will be typing that out and posting it on my desk. And seriously – bling and rainbow puke buttons are EVIL!

  2. Your love of writing shows in your posts and as a migraine sufferer I am almost instantly repelled by bling filled sites.

    Keep writing and I will keep reading.


  3. You rock. Seriously. This post made me just want to go write something – except I’m ankle deep in programming code at the moment 🙁

  4. I’m with Jonathan, except I’m not coding, I’m ankle deep in social media & campaigns for O2O. But truly, this sparks something in me about writing again. It’s been far too long and there are so many things that I would like to just get out of my head.

    And I love reading your writing. I like taking a moment to see the world from your perspective, to laugh, to ponder and to get to know you better.

  5. I related when reading because before I started blogging I filled up journals one after the other. I have one of those ottoman’s that is also a trunk. Totally full. People would tell, I’m a counselor, they don’t want to journal because someone may read it. That makes me laugh because I could write something I did want someone in my family to read, leave it out on a table open, with their name highlighted, and they still wouldn’t read it!

    Now I blog…still mention clients or people…with permission (or without if it is family) and they never go read it. Thankfully, in the blogosphere there are a lot more people, who may want to hang out and read than visit my den!

    Nice to meet a kindred spirit!

  6. Big smooches, lady! I love this post.
    And that last line is perfect!

  7. I adore you. I write because I am, like you, compelled to…. Beautifully written. I miss your face.

  8. Inspirational, Sarah. <3

  9. most lovely truth

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