Thursday Ten: Anyone Got Some DayQuil? Edition

1. I have had the cold from hell for the past few days and fortunately it seems to be GOING AWAY. Which is good because this cold? I don’t like it. It’s a big stinky jerkface that makes me cough so hard my abs hurt (Silver lining: Guess who hasn’t had to do situps in days?). Fortunately for me, I like both green tea and popsicles and they seem to be easing the annoyance. Somewhat.

2. The folks from Nabisco wrote back about my Saltine Cracker Dilemma. They think perhaps it’s something to do with storage/distribution – something that is out of their hands once the product leaves their plant — but they are sending me a coupon for a free box of Saltines. But, but, but… how will I know if I’m getting one of the GOOD boxes?

3. Want to see me get antsy? Tell me I have to be at the gymnastics studio to bring Princess for 4:45 team pictures and then please don’t have your photographer ready for another half an hour. You know, I get that it takes time to get set up for a shoot. The lighting in the gym is horrendous and it probably takes a bit of wrangling to find the right light. That’s cool, I GET IT. So, uh. Just tell us to be there later. Or the photog to be there earlier. Easy peasy, and then the moms and dads don’t get annoyed.

4. Speaking of horrid lighting conditions – I need an external flash for my Canon dSLR. What do you recommend? Why?

5. Harry Potter movie – are you going? I’m not. I haven’t seen ANY OF THE MOVIES, and only read the first book. I’m willing to admit, It’s just NOT MY THING. And that’s okay. Right?

6. In Monday’s mail I received a box of Whole Foods Sea Salt Caramels. I may be a little bit in love. They are pure confection perfection. And then the organic Chocolate Truffles that my friend sent with them? Ohhhhh. So good. Too bad I’ve had this cold – I haven’t felt like eating candy and my girls are eating ALL OF THEM. I have to hurry up and get better so I can get my share!

7. Bookwise, I just finished reading Room by Emma Donaghue. I gave it four stars on Good Reads, but I was close to giving it three. It’s a good book – fast read, however there were some gaping inconsistencies for me that kind of took away from the overall book. Have you read it? What did you think? (And yes, that’s an affiliate link)

8. I’m in the midst of planning our family’s FOURTH ANNUAL HOLIDAY COOKIE DECORATING PARTY. Aw yeah. One of my favorite holiday traditions for sure – and the girls love it too. Pumpkin plans to invite more friends this year – now that she’s in kindergarten, she wants to share our family cookie party with more of her friends – and I think that’s awesome.

9. Some awesome peeps have launched The Curvy Girl Guide this week – if you haven’t looked yet, you might wanna. I love the empowering message (even if I’m less “curvy” and more “shaped like a twelve year old boy”).

10. I’ve created a monster. I took Pumpkin to Chipotle a few weeks ago and now? She’s hooked. Says it’s THE BEST PLACE EVER and constantly bombards me with requests to go. And now that I have a partner in crime with the Chipotle love I have to really fight the urge to agree everytime she says, “HEY! Let’s go to Chipotle!” Sometimes being a mom is hard.

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  1. chipotle. love
    CGG so proud to be a part 😉 it’s all about loving WHO you ARE! 😉

    I love you, even if you don’t get the HP thing 😉

    I have the 430 exII i love it.

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