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Thursday Ten: The Inordinately Annoyed By Charlie Sheen Edition

1.  I flipped on the tv this morning and hit “The Today Show” and the first story I caught was pertaining to Charlie Sheen and his current debacle. Apparently, he’s hired a “sober coach” to keep him from drinking or doing drugs. Now,  I’m not an addiction counselor  but I don’t really think that THAT is how you kick an addiction. Making someone else responsible for your actions? Pfffft, Charlie. I’m not sure how he’s still news. I’m also not sure how he seems to be like Teflon, acting like a big jerk and yet it all rolls right off him and he continues to make one of the worst shows on television.

2. On Halloween, Pumpkin was wearing a glow stick bracelet. When she bent it to see if she could make it glow harder, it broke – spewing glow juice (whatever it really is) into her eyes. While someone pointed out to me on Facebook that for the most part glow sticks are non-toxic, I will say this – it hurt her. A lot. It burns and it stings. I’ve heard this also from a few peeps whose kids have mistaken their glow sticks for food. We ended up talking to Poison Control and after flushing her eyes out with warm water for fifteen minutes, she was pretty much okay. What a relief.

3. That whole glow stick fiasco did encourage me to make sure I had the Poison Control phone number programmed into my cell phone for quick access in emergency. The number is 1-800-222-1222. You may want to take a minute and add it as well.

4. This weekend I am doing my first maternity photo shoot. The subject is a friend of my sister’s and I have been scouring photography websites for inspiration. Do you know how hard it is to find maternity photos that aren’t nude? I wouldn’t have thought so but…whoa. Since that’s not really what the mom-to-be is going for, we’ve been able to find a few more appropriate ideas. Thank goodness.

5. I have a migraine today. Or a headache. Or a face-ache. I don’t know. This weather makes me hurty in the head.

6. My kids have hidden their Halloween candy. I’m not sure where it is, as I looked all over. I think they’re both grounded.

7. The finale of Project Runway last week. Whuuuuut? I was not happy with Gretchen’s win AT. ALL. and I found their repeated crowing of how “wearable” her designs were to be a bit annoying. I can’t imagine wearing her flimsy tissue granny panties ANYWHERE.

8. I have been doing insane amounts of Christmas shopping. Insane equals picking up Betty Crocker frosting flavored lip gloss for the girls’ stockings. FROSTING FLAVORED LIP GLOSS. Amazing, right?

9. Started learning Eve 6 in guitar this week and that’s been fun. It’s been awhile since I last did anything with power chords and it’s good to go back over it – I learn something, don’t use it and then forget it. So, I’m trying to find it again.

10. It’s been a tremendously stressful week but tomorrow is Friday and it’s donut day for me and the girls. I love having a special family tradition to look forward to at the end of each week. It’s almost Friday, y’all. How has YOUR week been?

I Voted and All I Got Was This Lousy Sticker*

Yesterday was election day. I’m sure in the weeks/months leading up to yesterday, you were inundated (AS I WAS) with political ads, brochures, yard signs and people (many MANY people) stressing to you the importance of doing your civic duty and voting.

You didn’t come here for political commentary or at least, I’m hoping you didn’t. I mean, this is me we’re talking about. There are bloggers who spend hours each day following every detail of every policy and are more versed to speak to the minutiae of everything that transpired yesterday. I’m not one of those bloggers. I just wanted to say a few things about yesterday’s election. If you want hard data, facts, statistics? You’re going to have to find one of those other bloggers. I’ll be back to talking about cookies and Project Runway tomorrow.

Some of you know that I tend to lean a leeeetle tiny bit more to the liberal side (okay, it’s a huge lean). As you can imagine, I’m not 100% enthused over some of the election results.


I am curious to see what is in store, and I honestly hope for good things.

I wouldn’t want to see ANYONE fail. I hope these newly-elected peeps – even the ones I didn’t vote for – I hope they thrive, and do great things and make a positive change for the better of MOST people. I am not one to wish for their failure, or to rub my hands and cackle evilly when someone falters. Why? Because that SUCKS. It sucks for the country, and it trickles down and sucks for all of us.

So, I’m hoping these people that I put into office and these people that you put into office and these people that your neighbor put into office can find a way to work together. I’m not saying I expect them to join hands across the aisles and start singing “Kumbaya” (though I bet it would make things a lot more fun to watch), but I’m an idealistic sort, and I hope that at least some of these people really meant it when they promised they wanted to help people, they wanted to help their country.

And both sides of that so called aisle are guilty of not doing what they promised, of talking out of both sides of their mouth, of being such stereotypical politicians that makes people wary and angry with the system.

I hope they stop it.

Have I mentioned that I’m an idealistic sort?

And maybe a little bit stupid?

Well, yeah.

And then? I hope when the next election cycle rolls around, Jane Doe can run for office on the platform of why SHE is right for office rather than why her opponent is wrong. She can sell her assets to us without slamming my mailbox every day with multiple brochures, killing the trees and my patience with every mailing.

But even if she doesn’t. Even if she hones her pitching arm with mudslinging the next time around, I’ll still be at the polls exercising my right to vote. And waiting for my sticker.

*Actually, the sticker is pretty awesome, right?

Flip Side – Baby, It’s (Getting) Cold Outside

It’s only the first week of November but already, I’m less than enthused with the weather and tired of being cold. I wake up and dread getting out from under the warmth of my covers. I REALLY dread when the dog stands by the door needing to go outside at 6 a.m. to do his business – there’s FROST ON THE LAWN, puppy! Do you really need to pee now? Apparently he does.

I don’t like winter coats. They’re bulky and I feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Lady when I’m wearing one. From the first frost until the weather breaks in spring, I wear vests. I have several. They don’t keep me nearly warm enough. Oddly enough, the vests are quite puffy too. Defeats the purpose, right?

It’s November 2 and I’m already tired of being cold. So today’s picture is me being underwhelmed with Michigan weather. BOO! COLD WEATHER, I ABHOR THEE! I think it may be time to relocate to the tropics. Or the west coast. Either, or.

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