I Voted and All I Got Was This Lousy Sticker*

Yesterday was election day. I’m sure in the weeks/months leading up to yesterday, you were inundated (AS I WAS) with political ads, brochures, yard signs and people (many MANY people) stressing to you the importance of doing your civic duty and voting.

You didn’t come here for political commentary or at least, I’m hoping you didn’t. I mean, this is me we’re talking about. There are bloggers who spend hours each day following every detail of every policy and are more versed to speak to the minutiae of everything that transpired yesterday. I’m not one of those bloggers. I just wanted to say a few things about yesterday’s election. If you want hard data, facts, statistics? You’re going to have to find one of those other bloggers. I’ll be back to talking about cookies and Project Runway tomorrow.

Some of you know that I tend to lean a leeeetle tiny bit more to the liberal side (okay, it’s a huge lean). As you can imagine, I’m not 100% enthused over some of the election results.


I am curious to see what is in store, and I honestly hope for good things.

I wouldn’t want to see ANYONE fail. I hope these newly-elected peeps – even the ones I didn’t vote for – I hope they thrive, and do great things and make a positive change for the better of MOST people. I am not one to wish for their failure, or to rub my hands and cackle evilly when someone falters. Why? Because that SUCKS. It sucks for the country, and it trickles down and sucks for all of us.

So, I’m hoping these people that I put into office and these people that you put into office and these people that your neighbor put into office can find a way to work together. I’m not saying I expect them to join hands across the aisles and start singing “Kumbaya” (though I bet it would make things a lot more fun to watch), but I’m an idealistic sort, and I hope that at least some of these people really meant it when they promised they wanted to help people, they wanted to help their country.

And both sides of that so called aisle are guilty of not doing what they promised, of talking out of both sides of their mouth, of being such stereotypical politicians that makes people wary and angry with the system.

I hope they stop it.

Have I mentioned that I’m an idealistic sort?

And maybe a little bit stupid?

Well, yeah.

And then? I hope when the next election cycle rolls around, Jane Doe can run for office on the platform of why SHE is right for office rather than why her opponent is wrong. She can sell her assets to us without slamming my mailbox every day with multiple brochures, killing the trees and my patience with every mailing.

But even if she doesn’t. Even if she hones her pitching arm with mudslinging the next time around, I’ll still be at the polls exercising my right to vote. And waiting for my sticker.

*Actually, the sticker is pretty awesome, right?

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  1. I proudly wore my sticker all day long!

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