Flip Side – Getting Festive Style

The dog is going to take my Christmas spirit and rip it into tiny shreds with his pointy little dog teeth.


Because this is my (fake) Christmas tree. Do you know where my Christmas tree is? It’s in the kids’ playroom – a room I don’t usually hang out in because I’m almost certain to slice my foot open on a sharp Barbie hand (Or her shoes – that girl’s got some pointy shoes).

On Facebook the other day, someone told me what to do if a dog happened to eat a glass ornament. And frankly, I just really didn’t want to deal with it (also, ew). The playroom, however, is off limits to the dog and minimizes the chances that I may have to force feed the dog cotton balls (You don’t want to know).

But it’s sad, right?

The tree should be where everyone can see it and enjoy it – where, as Christmas nears, you can tuck presents beneath it and feel the anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

But it’s not so festive when you’re worried about your dog eating the ornaments, or knocking over the tree, or chewing up Christmas presents.

So we’ve tucked it away.

It’s sad.

If you look behind me in this picture, you can see the chaos of the playroom. You’ll see my Michigan tee (this was Saturday. What a sad day).

And of course, there’s me, tucked away in a little ornament.

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  1. Ha! I just realized my picture is of a white tree in a red ornament. Sorry about Saturday. And my dog eats trash so I feel your pain. Dumb dogs.

  2. Please know that I am reading. I don’t post often. Just want to say say how much I enjoy your blog. You have a great eye~your pictures are beautiful! Merry Christmas & New Year! Good luck with the dog.

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