Weekly Winners: Art Prize Style

Some of my favorite shots this week have been from Grand Rapids’ Art Prize competition which is ongoing. I’ve been twice – and will likely go several more times before it’s over.

For more weekly winners, visit LOTUS.

Memorial for Stephanie J Tubbs (Artist: M. Murphy)

Street Pianos, Luke Jerram

Lure/Forest (Artist: Beili Liu)

Collage of "Seven Days of Creation" (Artist: Suzi Furtwangler) - this is made entirely of crayons!

Vessel (Artist: Amanda Katz)

Dream Big (Artist: Pete Fecteu) - made entirely out of Rubik's Cubes

Dream Big (detail)

Dream Collection (Artist: Heather Holloman)

Dream Collection

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  1. Great pictures Sarah!

    Love the crayon art. amazing stuff.

  2. So. Amazing.

  3. Wow. Great shots – looks like it was a great event! (Can’t believe that picture is made from Rubick’s cubes!)

  4. Again – SO jealous! Love the lure forrest and Martin Luther King in Rubiks!

  5. Wow. Such beautiful art!!

  6. Oh… the last one <3

    I love them all. What an amaaaazing place and experience!

  7. Oh I really wish I could have gone to that!
    The forest, the collage, the rubics…all fantastic.
    But the best part? walter’s dream!

  8. What beautiful art! That first piece is incredible… and my husband would flip over the street piano.

  9. Great photo’s thanks for sharing.

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