Thursday Ten: What A WEEK! Edition

1. I think I overscheduled this week. I know, I was complaining about it in last night’s post – but back to back back-to-school nights… well, that may have pushed me over the edge. The plus side is that I am really digging both of my daughters’ teachers, and I am crossing my fingers that both my girls have an amazing school year.

2. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to dog saliva. How fabulous is that? I was so giddy that I wasn’t actually allergic to Sir Doggy Dog, but… I think his spit makes me itch. And he’s teething so he’s constantly trying to mouth people’s arms (specifically MINE) and ugh. I’m not sure what to do now!

3. Grand Rapids’ Art Prize started yesterday. I’m hoping to get out this week and see some of the fantastic art and support some local businesses downtown. I’m not always the biggest fan of west Michigan – but I really dig Art Prize, what it’s about and getting a chance to expose my kids to some really creative minds and fabulous sights.

4. Storms in Grand Rapids knocked out a lot of power… including many many traffic lights. It’s amazing how many people have forgotten that when the light is out, the intersection should be treated as a four-way stop. Driving around yesterday was kind of scary – since most of Michigan has evidently forgotten driver’s training.

5. Music of the week… I already talked about Maroon 5, but Michael Franti and Spearhead had a new album released on Tuesday and it’s FANTASTIC. It’s a little more pop and a little less political than some of their previous albums, but I still have crazy crazy love for this collection. “Hey Hey Hey” is on repeat right now, and the song makes me so totally happy, I could listen to it all day.

6. In guitar class, we’re working on open seventh chords and I hate them. I hate them big time. But we’re swinging back around to work on “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall to utilize some of those ugly chords.

7. I spent forty minutes on the phone with an insurance company today and got absolutely nowhere. I am so grateful that I have insurance. I’m not grateful for how tedious the process is. Surely, surely, surely it could be a little less of a mess. Right?

8. My sister and I went shopping the other day and were lured into Victoria’s Secret, drawn in by their Collegiate Collection.  You’re not a true fan if you don’t have game day undies (GO BLUE!). I even bought a Michigan State pair for my sister, though it somewhat pained me to do so. But clearly, I’m a nice big sister.

9. Halloween decorations and stuff are starting to come out at stores (Starting? I kid. I know they’ve been out since August). Do you like Halloween? Do you get into it and dress up along with your kids or do you think it’s a silly “holiday”? I’m not a fan. Except for the candy part.

10. Glee is back and they sang a bunch of songs I don’t like. Sigh. I don’t like Lea Michele’s bangs, either. I did love all the plastic surgery jokes, though. If you’re a Glee nerd like me, what’d you think?

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  1. 1. My parents (who live in west michigan) continue to rave about Art Prize, I really wish I would make it up there this year to check it out.

    2. I also saw the awesome VS college gear. From a Spartan to a Wolverine, thanks for being a nice sister. 🙂

  2. Your week sounds like my week – I just turned around at work, and asked the girl behind me “what day is it today?” – expecting Tuesday or Wednesday… how can it be Friday tomorrow already?

  3. Two things:

    What people are usually allergic to wrt animals is their spit! That’s one of the (many) reasons cats cause more allergies than dogs – more licking of the fur. There’s a sticky protein in the spit, so just wiping it off won’t really help. Maybe stationing baby wipes around the house will help? You can swipe off any spit-touched areas as soon as it happens?

    As for Halloween, I have a hate-hate relationship with it. When I was little, my tiny confused mother didn’t really understand more than the basic fundamentals… she understood that we had to wear a costume and we got candy. What she didn’t get was the nature of the costume – which meant that my brother, sister and I were ALL Casper the Ghost EVERY year for several years in a row. I’m talking plastic face mask, plastic poncho, all three of us, every single year until my brother was old enough to protest (and then my sister and I were still Casper the Ghost every year until I got old enough to educate my mom on Halloween.)

    This has instilled in me a deep hatred and anxiety about the holiday. I hate dressing up for it, but I hate not having a costume, and I have so much anxiety about what to be for Halloween that I start planning my costume the YEAR BEFORE! And I don’t even dress up, because I’m a grown up and I have things like class or work to attend. And yet, I can’t escape that feeling of “what am I going to wear??” anxiety.


    What are the girls being for Halloween this year?

  4. It’s not “Glee nerd”, it’s Gleek. =)

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